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Hi, I am Anju
From Camp, Pune, MH, India

About me

I’ m a self taught chef, been one since I can remember. Have been successfully training students in multi cuisines since the last 25 years. Where young girls were taught the culinary art of cooking, table manners and etiquettes, to being a total giver to the universe. As the saying goes “the more you give the lighter is your body and soul.” My students have been from various professional backgrounds: doctors, engineers, teachers , chartered accountants, graduates, undergraduates, and one of the most amazing student was a 70 year old women learning to cook various cuisines for her 12year old grandchild.
I made a lifestyle change in the way I eat and look at food. With the sorts or conditions that normally Indians have due to the rich foods we eat.I set on this self realization journey. The love I have for Indian cuisine was slightly taking a toll on my health. I love my food and my culture so much that I find it hard to give up on any of it. so that's when I started making my fusion and started finding out ways to simplify my food. It not only helped me eat and feel better it also cut down my cooking time tremendously. I was spending half of my time in the kitchen and still was able to bring the taste and nutrients alive in my food. My energy levels were better I was looking younger and feeling lighter.
Then I had the opportunity to travel places. All the books I had read all these years from all over the world started coming to life. The ingredients, the cultures, the diversity from the cities to the country. I was lucky enough to live and understand all that I would dream of in my books. This helped me to understand and explore my fusion of foods and taste.

About my family

My daughter calls me her food doctor;) she is on a diet I have a plan, her kids are not gaining weight I have my secret weight gaining recipes, her kids are being picky I have the right finger food they will like. Her hubby is having a bad day at work I have a comfort food solution that can make his day. She has her best friends coming over I show her how to dress her food up. Her hubby’s boss is over I have a solution for a meal. You name the food problem I have a solution for you. Your capacity of eating meals in a day could be limited. But my capacity of serving you is endless.

I like to MealTango because...

It is a good channel to reach out to different set of people

My blogposts

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 24th Dec, 2016

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 30th Dec, 2016

Reviews for me as a host

2nd Jun, 2017

Excellent Biryani and Chicken Kali Mirch, taste it and feel it, 100% worth it.

11th Feb, 2017

Today we had ordered Valentine special lunch from Chef Anju Bajaj.
It was outstanding. The Pot Rice was very tasty. The chicken and veggies were nicely cooked and tasty.
From Guilt free Valentine Meal the chicken leg pieces were juicy and very well done. Both the dips were awesome. Salad given separately too was very well done. Only thing was it could have some other things than just cabbage.
The packing was excellent and the delivery was on time. We will love to have from Anju again and again. Thanks Anju and thanks MealTango.

17th Jan, 2017

the maharshtrian harvest food offering was daughter & son (5 years old) loved it...

7th Jan, 2017

'Eat to live' or 'live to eat'..... Anju Massi's food makes one believe that you should 'live to eat'.
Got an opportunity to taste some lip smacking starters, the tangy nimbu muraba....... And the delicious mutton biryani. Right from the spices to the aroma, the creativity and skills of making any food item tempting......The presentation and immense love added, makes you want to eat more!!

6th Jan, 2017

A biryani in its own class and taste.
Meat pieces were tender, good quality rice which was nicely cooked, heavenly aroma and the spices were just right.
A complete must have.
Will definitely be ordering more.

6th Jan, 2017

It was nye and wot better way than to have an occasion to try out the renowned blogger and the beautiful soul who cooks her food with truck loads of passion.
And that was exactly what was delivered to us. The birayani was extremely delicious with a generous serving of Mutton pieces (unlike the usual more of rice and less pieces).
No1 was searching for pieces. ..along with the taste being amazing. ...We all enjoyed her food and it definitely made our celebration perfect.

5th Jan, 2017

I had recently ordered mutton biryani . The biryani was very tasty . The flavours were nice and the mutton was well cooked and juicy .Will recommend it .

5th Jan, 2017

Amazing !! Exotic !!! Irresistible !!!

It's just different then the regular (:

Luv the briyani my fav

5th Jan, 2017

I recently tasted the mutton biryani by MS Anju Bajaj and I have to say it was the best biryani ever. The flavours were perfect and the mutton was cooked brilliantly. The best part, it was not spicy but was very flavourful just the way I like it. I will definitely recommend all the biryani lovers to try this one.

5th Jan, 2017

Awesome biryani????????????????
It was truly a veg delight.
It looked so yummy.perfect example of health Bhimesh taste bhi????????
It had the rite proportion of rice,veggies and spice.
Looking forward for more such occasions to have ur yummy delicacies ????

5th Jan, 2017

Superb biryani. The mutton was cooked to perfection. Real test of mutton is if it melts in your mouth when you have it...this was right there! Flavours were perfect..not too spicy which was perfect! Can't wait for another party soon to re order :)

5th Jan, 2017

We had ordered mutton biryani and veg biryani for our new year house party .. though I dint have the veg biryani , the mutton biryani was brilliant. The biryani had an excellent fragrance , perfectly cooked rice with soft and juicy mutton pieces . No party is complete without an excellent meal , and the mutton biryani ensured our party was a hit .
Highly recommended

5th Jan, 2017

Aunty's food is truly exotic and totally satisfies every taste bud!! I'm a pure vegetarian and what I loved the most was her biryani.. simply irresistible.. Aunty your cooking inspires us????

2nd Jan, 2017

Awesome taste whatever comes out of her kitchen be it biryani to dessert.
She understand cooking like no one else & it is always a pleasure to eat anything cooked by her.
Just cant get enough of the food cooked by her. All the best and keep making our taste bud enjoy now & always :)

28th Dec, 2016

Our family enjoyed the traditional Christmas lunch prepared by Anju. It was tasty, the roast chicken was tender and the meal was more than adequate. It brought back memories of my childhood and the family Christmas lunch curated with love. My overall rating is four star.

25th Dec, 2016

Amazingly delicious and wholesome food, with the littlest details and accompaniments thought of. Beautifully packed and presented. Anju is a delight to speak with. She asks and listens to every request of yours. I would be proud to recommend Anju to anyone.

4th Feb, 2015

Anju is a takeaway host who makes mouth watering food! Her Biryanis and cupcakes are to die for! Its a perfect blend of "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice" :)
Anju has a great passion for cooking and it reflects in her delicious food.

Recommendations for me

13th Dec, 2016

A lovely chef and a very kind hearted person. .She has a flare for cooking exotic food..

.You name the cuisine and she has it her books ...She has an eye for detailing n is always ready to experiment something new ....

Passion for Fusion a must try to all the foodies around..Highly recommended!!

Roma Bajaj
6th Dec, 2016

I have had her chicken and mutton biryani.. it's the best I have had so far.. the flavors and amazing and so authentic.. Anju's food is made with love and compassion her passion for food is reflected in her dishes. I would definitely recommend her and order from her over and over again.

6th Dec, 2016

My mother like no other. I may sound bias, but she is the best cook I have known so far. Irrelevant of what's cooking the end result is simply delicious. It's because of her passion , love and sheer love for cooking that sets her apart.

Be it Indian, continental, Italian, Mexican, anything that she tries is a instant hit.

Blessed to have her in my life. Love her loads

21st Feb, 2015

Easily the best chef I know. She cooks the most amazing, delicious and lip-smacking dishes. If you are in Pune and haven't tasted her preparations then you are missing out on something in life!!!