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Both preparations were very nice, well cooked and balanced flavours.
Great food
Loved the lamb chops..worth trying..Great food chef..everything i ordered was fab.
Thank you Chef Supriti for cooking for me. I had ordered for Thai Basil Fried rice chicken ( it was super yummy -your best dish amongst all that I have tried from you ) & Anda burji ( it was just the way I like it) & paratha. I suggest you add Burmese noodles curry chicken, Chinese chicken haka noo 
Thank you Chef Supriti for cooking for me. I had ordered for Spaghetti Bolognese (chicken), which was made very well & chicken mince parathas, this was a repeat order, which was as good as the previous time. The sauce had come out of the package, please pack it in a better way, next time
Thank you Chef Supriti for cooking for me. I had ordered egg bhurji & paratha. Simple preparation, but made very well. The way I like my meals, not at all spicy
Nandita sarkar
This was my first time ordering a meal from Home Chef Supriti. From the hygienic individually labelled packaging of each dish to the look, taste and quantity, it was just right. Particularly enjoyed the tangy lemon rice, soft creamy mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. Thank you for the comforting  
Supriti d spaghetti n rice was delicious thank u
Thanks for the Lovely food. Will try more dishes from her.
Thanks Chef Supriti for cooking for me. I ordered for Penne Alfredo (chicken). It was super delicious ????. Please add chinese cuisine in your menu, like chicken fried rice, egg fried rice, chicken haka noodles etc
Thank you Chef Supriti for cooking for me. I had ordered for chicken mince parathas ( very tasty, but I found a bone in the mince) & paneer parathas ( salt was unevenly spread & no tasty ). Also whilst ordering I had requested for “not at all spicy food”, but still there were chillies in the par 
Sorry to say today the curry had leaked out of the Aluminium container and there was very little left suggest you brief the delivery guy or use a plastic or stronger container next time I did not expect this considering packing and container charges are also tajen
Always love your Bengali fish curry light easily digested and flavourful
Just what I needed on a hot day thank you
Ritika Ramtri
Wonderful meal. Thank you
Chicken Vindaloo was watery and too sour in taste. I was expecting better taste and quality.
k surendranath
Thanks for a tasty meal
Drumsticks and mashedpotatos were bang on great flavour loved the barbeque sauce
The chicken wings were scrumptious thank you Supriti
Rahul Tandon
The chicken was boiled and did not have the flavors at all, it was almost like eating something which has been cooked separately and mixed together. It looked like the dish which has been prepared in a hurry, also there were a lot of undercooked potato pieces in the dish. Overall very disappointed w 
Excellent chicken curry thank you chef Supriti
Sunil Lalai
Tasty and homely food, loved it
The Egg Burji and Dal was good.
Good aloo parathas not too oily orspicy enjoyed the meal thank you
The macher jhol was bang on flavourful and tasty. Please give my compliments to chef Supriti
Mukund mohan
Thank you very much ,Chef. We enjoyed both the Fish and Rice and the Thai Chicken Rice very much. Please keep up the good work. As I have come to expect from MealTango, the delivery was on the dot.
Aloo parata from supriti was well served and was gud in taste too,thnk u
Excellent chops mash and vegetables flavour was just right the mashed potatoes were creamy and delicious and the chops flavourful thank you chef Supriti
Nimisha Mirpuri
We enjoyed the lamb chops and the mashed, will order again
Sachin Malik
The food was nice but the quantity very less...
Tina atri
Overall good
The Chicken salad I ordered was good .Only wish the garlic bread portions were a little bigger.I had to toast some bread .Happy with order shall definitely order again.
I liked the prawn Paris rice and dal kuchumber dish by Supriti it was mild in taste and not oily all that a home meal should be thank you
We enjoyed the dinner of green Thai curry and spaghetti with toasted garlic bread. The curry was creamy with coconut milk and blessed with colourful vegetables. Delicious ! The spaghetti with sundried tomatoes and mushrooms had a flavour we had not tasted before. Thank you.
Amazing food. Ordered veg thali, gobi paratha, pasta and fish curry. I am extremely happy with the quality, taste and delivery. Overall a perfect package. Taste is really home made, no burps and acidity post meal. Special mention for Bengali style fish curry. I haven't had such an authentic bengali  
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