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r raman
when you go to a master chef you expect total mastery and that is what we get every time we order food from chef Anurag,
Nice food.
Ashish Bakal
Homely taste... excellent quality
r raman
when you are not in mood to cook, earlier you had no option but to go out and eat, but now with mealtango and chef like Anurag you have a far better option. home cooked food delivered to your home .pipiing hot and just the way you like it. thank you chef Anurag and mealtango.
Noodles were really tasty
We enjoyed the meal. Thank you for that taste. Also, a big thank you for that 'complimentary'.
Jai Kanojia
Food is really very tasty, its like having food in home.
Jai Kanojia
It always feel like home ????
Great taste. We are loving it. Its was our 6th order from you, just in a week. Thank you.
r raman
what can one say anything about the food when it is personally delivered by the chef himself to ensure it is on time and delivered piping hot. when asked he said the delivery executive was late due to rains. the food was superb as can be expected from anurag. we really relished it we look for 
Great food. It was as per our expectation. Thank you Mr. Anurag. We felt like we got something from our home kitchen. Happy us. We will order again
r raman
food arrived on time and piping hot. as usual it had home cooked taste. normally you have chana dal with lauki all other items were also very good. but first time it was moong dal and the dish was very tasty.
Ritu Mendiratta
This was my first time to have ordered from meal tango. The lemon rice were just perfect. The complete meal was delicious with less spices. Simply amazing.
Great and delicious tasty meal
Sagar Shah
The Tomato Lonzy provided with Ajwain Parathas was delightful. Thanks Chef Anuraag
r raman
the pasta was very nice but was a bit spicy. Italian dishes are less spicy and have more prominent tomato taste. overall a very nice experience
Vidya Raman
It was little less for 2 people. Quality was good though
The food was amazing, it was like eating my home's food. Will order again very soon, keep it up
r raman
the food was really nice, just like what we ourselves cook. it was delivered on time and was hot and fresh. the taste was just as we like not too spicy . we would prfer a littls bit less oil. otherwise we i.e. I and my wife Lakshmi would rate it as superb. please keep it up. we would be ordering aga 
parag karanjkar
Good stuff !! Wonderful veggies .. received complimentary stuff too :) thanks for that. Our request of less spicy was adhered too as well.
manjula nair
Good food. Enjoyed.
geetha krishna
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