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We have been ordering lunch almost daily for the past week. Mohini is quick to respond and accommodates our requests. The food is awesome and just like a home cooked meal. We greatly enjoy the food and recommend.
Delicious food again! Thank you for taking care of my requirements. Really appreciate it.
Happy Dussera Chef Mohini. I have enjoyed the food with chutney.
Great food! we asked for less spicy and less oily food and we were fully satisfied. We ordered the thali and the dal and sabji was very tasty without being spicy or oily. it is apparent that chef Mohini takes great care in cooking these great meals.
Amazing home cooked food.
Neha Mungale
Perfect taste, quantity n tips followed to the T and so the food was polished off even by my little one . Loved every bite. Thanks chef Mohini for coming to my rescue after a long day at work.
Dadpe Pohe from Grandmom's Kitchen is definitely a must try! Thank you for the sweet besan laddo surprise along with the meal. A personalized message sent along with the meal by Chef Mohini really gives a homely feeling! Lots of Best Wishes! -Gargi
Thank you for Great food Chef.
Nice food
Very Good choice of Salad today. Very good green leafy Veg.
Good salad variation. Also, loved the subji with coriander. I love coriander.
Great Food as always. I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by mealtango and chef Mohini to deliver the food on time.
It has become like a family association for us to get homemade food from Mohini Ma'am. Thanks a lot
Great food. Thanks again for the glass bottle for the buttermilk.
Food was excellent as always. I would really like to appreciate use of glass bottle for buttermilk.
Sanjeev Aggarwal
Great packaging. Homely taste. Thanks for a lovely home made breakfast.
I would really appreciate the effort taken by Chef Mohini to give me food today by going beyond call of duty. She honor every request specified by me. Thanks great home made healthy food today.
Great food as always. I like the choice of salad today i.e. cabbage and tomato. Thanks for the food.
Nice meal. Nice gesture of giving extra sweet. Thank you!
Bhagyashree Moghe
Good food, good quantities, good service
Great food once again
As always great food
Excellent green leafy vegetable. Consistently delivered the quality food honoring all the requests by me. Thanks a lot.
Food was great
As usual food was tasty.
Thank you so much for the lovely vrat meal Mohini..everything was perfect including ..only i couldnt taste the deliciously tempting khajur ladoo as the liquid from the chutney had spilled onto the ladoo compartment in the mealbox..probably more of a handling error by the delivery boy ..otherwise ev 
Really great homely food.
Thanks for the healthy and tasty meal. Me and my colleagues around were touched by the "handwritten letters" by you. Thanks for those!! Your use of homemade ghee made the rice and daal even more delicious. Thank you very much for honouring the instructions given by me while ordering food.
Dear M’am, I really enjoyed my dinner of simple Bhakri and pithla. The way the food was packed and neatly laid out is much appreciated. Food sure was tasty. The techa was divine and it recalled old memories (read mom) And not to forget those laddos which pampered my sweet cravings. “ A g 
Tasty food, I may try some of the other dishes of Mohini .
The Food by Chef Mohiniji is very much favourable so I have been for almost a week now Thanks for the yummy tasty food
The Food is very homely and made as per my need for my old parents. Its s big relief for me. Thanks a lot
The food was yummy

The lunch served was very tasty, especially the laddoos. Yummy... the lunch was served hot and was as per the expectations
She is been keen to prepare new dishes and experiment with the food. I love jalibi and she makes the efforts to prepare it for me everytime I wish.
She is too good. Her motherly touch in every food item makes it tastier. The ingredients are mixed with her love and care.
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