Delicious Chicken Biryani by homechef Leena Deshmukh

Look Who’s Joined Our Panel of Expert Homechefs!

With people becoming more health conscious and preferring healthier options to keep fit, scrumptious home cooked food is surely a better option than restaurant food. At Mealtango we cater to both the taste and health quotient! Each month we have certified, expert homechefs joining us to provide you with a delectable variety of home cooked, preservative free food.

This month we welcome three expert homechefs on board Mealtango and wish them a successful time with us ahead.

Expert Homechef Leena, Sinhagad road, Pune

Mealtango expert homechef Leena Deshmukh
Mealtango Homechef Leena Deshmukh

Homechef Leena who specialises in unique and flavorful Maharashtrian dishes says her children’s love for food encourages her to experiment and come with new recipes. Her Mother has been her greatest inspiration to cook and she asserts that she is yet to meet a cook who can surpass her Mother’s culinary skills.

Delicious Chicken Biryani by expert homechef Leena Deshmukh
Delicious Chicken Biryani by homechef Leena Deshmukh

Her favorite dish is Chicken Biryani which she has taken years to perfect! That’s definitely worth sampling! You will see an astonishing variety of enticing and lesser known delicacies on Homechef Leena’s page like puran poli, chicken biryani, kheema pav, bajra khichdi, mutton fry, shev bhaaji, etc.

Mouthwatering Khandoli Bhaji by expert homechef Leena Deshmukh
Mouthwatering Khandoli Bhaji by homechef Leena Deshmukh

Curious about the enticing variety that Leena offers? Take a look here. 

Expert Homechef Sonal Kumar, Hadapsar, Pune

Mealtango expert homechef Sonal Kumar
Mealtango homechef Sonal Kumar


At the age of 16, Homechef Sonal decided to bake a birthday cake for her friend. She was inundated with appreciation and praises for her baking skills and that is what hooked Sonal to baking. She is also inspired by cuisines from different parts of the world and likes to try them for her family.

Delectable Sattu ke kachori by expert homechef Sonal Kumar
Delectable Sattu ke kachori by homechef Sonal Kumar

She likes all her baked dishes since she ensures that they are lip smacking as well as healthy. Check out Homechef Sonal’s profile for the droolworthy list of Pizza cones, Nutella buns, sausage rolls, garlic bread, etc and much more.

Take a look at all her droolworthy dishes here. 

Aromatic Garlic bread by expert homechef Sonal Kumar
Aromatic Garlic bread by homechef Sonal Kumar

Expert Homechef Sandhya Sharma, Vishrantwadi

Expert Mealtango Homechef Sandhya Sharma
Mealtango Homechef Sandhya Sharma

Sandhya Sharma views cooking as an artistic expression. She derives a lot of inspiration from cookery shows, cookbooks and tries out recipes with her own unique twist. Her dishes have always been relished by all in family get-togethers and parties and this has inspired her to go a step further and present her varied and delicious menu to people in Pune. Lucky we are! You will find authentic Bihari and North Indian items like matar ka nimona, sattu ke parathe and baingan ka chokha, kachori and aloo sabji, etc on Sandhya’s profile.

When asked about her nostalgic memory associated with food, she says it’s Daal Baati/Sattu paratha and chokha, an authentic Bihari dish with smoky and savoury flavors, which reminds her of the heavenly aromas of her Mother’s kitchen and happy memories of savouring food with her siblings.

You can find the list of mouthwatering dishes she offers here. 

These talented expert homechefs like all others, on Mealtango, cook with fresh ingredients and can customise their dishes as per your taste and requirement. They offer you scrumptious dishes cooked lovingly with their passion for food and cooking. Thank us when you reach out for that second helping when you order from them. So, here’s a big round of applause to the expert homechefs and wishing you all a splendid gastronomical experience with them.

Mealtango is the first community of trained and certified homechefs in India. On the Mealtango website, you can find approved  homechefs near you and order delicious  dishes online. The food will be delivered at your doorstep. It’s as simple as that! The Mealtango team ensures that you have an excellent experience of relishing scrumptious home cooked food lovingly prepared by the Mealtango homechefs.





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