Lipsmacking fish curry by Pune homechef Aparna

Exotic Kerala Cuisine Beyond Idli & Dosa!

What dish comes to mind at the mention of Kerala cuisine ? Idli and Dosa?  Now, Keralites would take offence to this because almost each district in Kerala has their own distinct cuisine and idli and dosa is just the tip of the iceberg of Kerala cuisine. We present ten lesser known but utterly scrumptious dishes from God’s own country-Kerala. Next time you hear someone saying Kerala cuisine is just idli and dosa, you may flaunt your newly acquired knowledge and rattle off these names!

Brace yourself for this mouthwatering list of Kerala cuisine!

1. Chicken Pathiri

This flavorful and mouth watering dish from North Kerala makes for a delightful snack. Fried hand pies stuffed with boneless chicken in Kerala spices will ensure you can’t stop with just one!

Homechef Aparna, Pimple Saudagar

2. Appam

Light and fluffy as air, these rice pancakes will intrigue you with its subtle taste and yet satiate your stomach. Appams are made with soaked, ground and fermented rice and made in a special utensil for appams. A perfect and delectable dish for any meal.

Homechef Preethi, Chinchwad

3. Mutton Stew

Succulent chunks of mutton cooked in the delicate flavors of coconut milk, this mildly spiced mutton stew makes for a delicious accompaniment with appams and even plain rice. A wholesome, appetizing dish indeed.

Homechef Aparna, Pimple Saudagar

Scrumptious Kerala cuisine appam with mutton stew by Pune homechef Aparna
Scrumptious appam with mutton stew by Pune homechef Aparna


4. Vegetable Stew

The vegetarians, worry not. We have you covered! A medley of fresh vegetables cooked in coconut milk and mildly spiced this uber tasty vegetable stew goes excellently with appam, idiyappam and simple steamed rice.

Homechef Preethi, Chinchwad

5. Chicken Stew

For the chicken lovers, we have a yummy stew made with juicy chicken pieces and potatoes cooked in coconut milk and mildly spiced. Goes delightfully well with appams, idiyappam and plain rice too.

Homechef Aparna, Pimple Saudagar

Delicious Kerala cuisine chicken stew with appam by Pune homechef Aparna
Delicious chicken stew with appam by Pune homechef Aparna

6. Kadala Curry

The amazing Kadala curry is a classic Kerala dish made with black chick peas in a flavorful coconut gravy. This curry bursting with the flavours of spices will invigorate your senses and stomach. This tastes best when had with appam, puttu and idiyappam.

Homechef Preethi, Chinchwad

7. Chicken Puttu

The lip-smacking cylindrical puttu is synonymous with Kerala. But this one cmes with a delightful twist. Steamed rice flour with a rich masala of boneless chicken in Kerala spices will ensure that blissful feeling that only good food can induce! along with a great traditional coconut based Kerala gravy.

Homechef Aparna, Pimple Saudagar

8. Panagam

Now that summer’s just round the corner, Panagam is a sure shot winner when it comes to quenching thirst and beating the summer heat. A  Jaggery based energizing drink flavored with cardamom and dry Ginger powder and lemon, panagam will infuse you with the much required energy on a hot and tiring day. What more, it’s excellent for digestion too.

Homechef Preethi, Chinchwad

9. Thattai 

Those who love to snack check this! Delicious mildly spiced flat crisp fritters made from rice flour flavored with curry leaves, red chilli flakes and coconut, this is a snack which you just can’t resist! Stays fresh for a fortnight and is an excellent accompaniment with tea or coffee.

Homechef Preethi, Chinchwad

10. Kerala Fish Curry

Fish lovers, the last but not the least exotic dish is reserved for you! Made with succulent pieces of surmai/pomfret/bangda cooked in coconut milk and kodampuli (tamarind) and Kerala spices, this scrumptious dish will transport you to the beautiful backwaters of Allepey. This is served with hot Basmati rice/Kerala rice.

Homechef Aparna, Pimple Saudagar

Lipsmacking Kerala cuisine fish curry by Pune homechef Aparna
Lipsmacking fish curry by Pune homechef Aparna


Did we not say that Kerala cuisine is much more than idli and dosa? We are sure that you will have a splendid gastronomical experience with these exotic dishes.


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