Fresh home made food by Pune's top home chefs

Can you believe this? Now get rewarded for eating well!

We, at Mealtango, are proud to encourage all things good. What can be more ideal in a food lover’s world than getting rewarded for eating scrumptious and exquisite food made by homechefs!

Ordinarily, when ordering from a homechef – even the best ones in Pune – one would have to spend time discussing the menu, negotiate on the cost and hope that the food delivered is as you had expected and gets delivered on time.

The Mealtango Experience

Now, thanks to Mealtango, you can have a seamless and hassle-free experience of ordering and eating freshly cooked food in Pune (and soon across India). Our certified and trained homechefs – among the best in Pune-  are listed on our website. And their menus, dish description and prices are listed upfront – so you don’t have to spend time and energy negotiating. And then, just at a click of a button, you can order an amazing variety of exquisite, freshly made food which is completely devoid of preservatives or chemicals. We’ve taken care of the nitty-gritties of ordering home food, so that you can just focus on the experience of savouring and relishing it. You are welcome!

Presenting: Tango Points

To make this experience of relishing home made food even more exciting, it is with great happiness that we introduce and present to you ‘Tango points’- Mealtango’s very own reward system.

With Tango points, you start getting credits right from your first order. Better still – you are automatically enrolled in the system!

Let’s explain how this works:

Mealtango's loyalty points called Tango points get credited with orders from homechefs
Tango points system

For every hundred rupees you spend on Mealtango orders, you get rewarded 10 Tango points. And 10 Tango points equals to Re.1. So over a period of time when you accumulate 350 Tango points, you can redeem the same and order any of the several mouthwatering dishes that our Mealtango homechefs put together.

As simple as that! The Tango points you have accumulated will be displayed on your check out page.  Here’s a crisp summary of the Tango points system in FAQ form.


When do I get Tango points?

When you order anything from Mealtango, you get credited with Tango points.

How does the Tango point system work?

For every Rs100 that you spend, you get 10 Tango points.

What is the value of 10 Tango points?

10 Tango points equals to Re.1.

When can I redeem my Tango points?

When you accumulate 350 Tango points you can redeem them by ordering any of the several dishes listed on Mealtango.

Why is Mealtango offering Tango points?

We believe everyone has a right to delicious food that’s good for them. Tango points are part of our endeavour to enrich the experience of ordering and consuming delicious, fresh and delectable food in Pune. And also to encourage people to opt for the smarter and healthier option of home made food which is fresh and preservative free. So, here’s to eating more, relishing more and being rewarded more!


Mealtango is the first community of trained and certified homechefs in India. On the Mealtango website, you can find approved  homechefs and home bakers near you and order delicious home made food online. The food will be delivered at your doorstep. It’s as simple as that! The Mealtango team ensures that you have an excellent experience of relishing scrumptious home cooked food lovingly prepared by the Mealtango homechefs.




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