Delicious winter recipes by Pune's top Homechefs

20 Must-have Winter Dishes this Season!

Winter is the time when the air is crisp, the sun is mellow and appetites are robust. The markets are a riot of colors, with fresh vegetables and fruit of a hundred shades. What better way to enjoy Nature’s bounty than by relishing it in the form of exquisite winter dishes.

India being such a diverse country, we have a truly eclectic spread of mouthwatering and flavorful dishes from different regions. Pune’s top homechefs  have put together a curated winter menu especially for you!

Warning: The list is high on the drool quotient!

1. Maharashtrian seasonal Green Amti

Ask any Maharashtrian what his or her comfort food is and the answer most probably would be ‘Amti’. With fresh green peas, tur dal and chana dal flooding the market this season, this is one truly scrumptious amti to savour this winter- fresh, comforting and nourishing.

What is Amti you ask? Amti is a dal  typically cooked with imli or kokum. Homechef Leena presents a lip smacking and soul soothing seasonal Amti. 

By Homechef Leena

2. Gajar ka Halva

Winter would indeed be incomplete without this most loved and delectable pudding or halva made with succulent carrots and milk and garnished with nuts. But better than the restaurant fare, is Homechef Namrata’s and Homechef Leena’s freshly prepared, rich Gajar Halwa.

By Homechef Namrata & Homechef Leena

Winter dishes includes Gajar ka halva by Homechef Namrata
Delicious and warm gajar ka halva by Homechef Namrata


3. Mutton Kheema with Methi

With fresh fenugreek leaves abundantly available in winter, this is an exotic signature winter dish in many homes. Made with minced mutton and fenugreek leaves this delightful dish is a must-try for mutton lovers.

By Homechef Leena

4. Sarson ka Saag

Travel to North India in winter and sarson ka saag would be a staple in any home or eatery. Here, in Pune we bring you the taste of North India by presenting sarson ka saag, an exotic and mouthwatering dish made with fresh, succulent mustard leaves and spinach cooked in butter. This will be accompanied by the equally delicious makai ki roti or flatbreads made with corn flour.

By Homechef Shiwani

5. Winter Green Thali

Homechef Leena presents a scrumptious complete Maharashtrian thali comprising seasonal green Amti, delicious Palak – methi khuda (raw salad), a flavorful ‘thecha’ which is a chutney made with green tomatoes and chillies, fragrant pulav with green peas and Chapatis.

By Homechef Leena

Scrumptious and wholesome Green thali by Pune Homechef Leena
Scrumptious and wholesome Green thali by Homechef Leena


6. Undhiyo

Undhiyo is to Gujarat what sarson ka saag is to Punjab. Undhiyo is a delectable medley of winter vegetables and muthia (fenugreek leaf dumplings) in a rich and flavourful gravy. It takes hours of preparation and orchestration of vegetables, spices, dumplings, saltiness, sweetness and is sure to make your heart sing with its delightful taste!

By Homechef Asmita

7. Matar Kachori with Sabji and Raita

Right here in Pune, you can savour a much loved Delhi snack specially made in the winter. Delicious fried puffed pastries stuffed with spiced green peas served with raita and potato subji.

By Homechef Sandhya

8. Tabak Maaz

Originally a Kashmiri dish, this dish comes as exquisite starter made from juicy mutton pieces, marinated in warm masalas with milk and saffron. This dish is roasted in pure ghee.  We have saved you the trouble of travelling all the way to Kashmir by bringing you this dish right here in Pune, at your doorstep at the click of a button!

By Homechef Renuka

9. Beetroot Parathas

Giving a unique twist to the parathas, Homechef Leena presents parathas stuffed with fresh, nutritious, rich and flavorful beets. Wholesome, colourful, delicious- what more can one ask for!

By Homechef Leena

Delectable Beetroot parathas by Homechef Leena
Delectable Beetroot parathas by Homechef Leena


10. Sattu ke Kachori and Sabji

Hearty and scrumptious fried puffed pastry (kachori) stuffed with roasted gram flour (sattu) and served with delicious potato and brinjal bharta. Immerse yourself in the culinary flavours of Bihar with this dish, sitting right here in Pune!

By Homechef Sonal

11. Lauki Parathas

The humble lauki or bottle gourd acquires a delectable ‘avatar’ in this paratha form. Made with grated bottle gourd and spices, this is sure to pack a punch and leave you content.

By Homechef Leena

12. Palak Paneer

Tender cottage cheese cooked in mildly spiced spinach gravy evokes comforting memories for most of us.  Enjoy this popular and mouthwatering dish in winter for there can never be a better time than this to relish it.

By Homechef Sandhya

13. Moon Dal ka Halva

The humble moong-dal just got glamorous with this rich and tasty halva, cooked in ghee and garnished with nuts. This classic winter recipe from Rajasthan assures to make your mind and belly extremely happy.

By Homechef Akansha

Delectable Moong Daal Halva by Homechef Akansha
Delectable Moong Daal Halva by Homechef Akansha


14. Palak Parathas

With green leafy vegetables plentiful this season, making delicious parathas out of succulent spinach is a good idea and relishing it would be an even better idea! Can be relished for lunch or dinner and even breakfast for that dose of iron from spinach.

By Homechef Leena

15. Aloo Kachori

This dish will transport to you wintry, cold mornings in North India where people savour  these delectable fried puffed pastry stuffed with potatoes for breakfast. Of course it would make a perfect evening snack along with a cup of hot tea or coffee on a winter day.

By Homechef Sandhya

16. Matar Nimona

This is a lip smacking, mild and flavourful winter dish commonly made in Uttar Pradesh is prepared with fresh green peas and spices and is served with rice. This is a wonderful opportunity to sample scrumptious dishes from other parts of the country..

By Homechef Sandhya

17. Chicken Biryani

Although chicken biryani can be had round the year, winter is the best time to savor it. Tender chicken cooked in long grained rice and spices, this delicious biryani can be touted as the most popular rice dish.

By Homechef Renuka

18. Baingan ka Bharta and Bajre ki Roti

A rustic and delectable combination of smoked brinjal cooked with spices and super nutritious and delicious flatbreads made with pearl millet (Bajra) flour is sure to happily fire your taste buds and leave you wanting for more.

By Homechef Leena

19. Suran ki Sabji with either Rice or Roti- Bihari style

Experience the flavours of Bihar with this lip-smacking seasonal yam curry, rich in protein. Served with either rice or rotis this exotic dish makes a hearty and wholesome meal.

By Homechef Sonal

20. Kombdi Rasa

This rustic and delectable Maharashtrian dish is a staple during winter. Made with chicken in a spicy gravy, this is sure to make your taste buds come alive.

By Homechef Pankaja

Lip smacking Kombdi rasa by Homechef Pankaja
Lip smacking Kombdi rasa by Homechef Pankaja


We are sure these winter dishes by Pune’s top homechefs will help you do justice to the diverse and rich culinary spread that winter brings.


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