Christmas goodies and cookies by Pune's top home bakers and homechefs

18 lip-smacking Home-made Christmas Desserts in Pune!

Winter is a time when all good things get magnified. Appetites become robust in the cold weather and the Christmas season only makes it better for gastronomical endeavors. What is Christmas after all without an array of Christmas  desserts, cakes and confections?

In Pune, top home bakers and home chefs dish out a mind boggling variety of lip-smacking Christmas desserts just for you.

The varieties range from oh-so-good muffins, melt-in-the-mouth cookies, gooey brownies and what not!

Check out this list of Christmas desserts and be ready to drool! Be sure you will be spoilt for choice!

Christmas Muffins & Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes made by Pune's top home baker and homechef
Enticing chocolate cupcakes for Christmas


1. Chocolate Cranberry Muffins

Can the made-in-heaven combination of exotic cranberries and decadent chocolate ever go wrong?

By Homechef Gunjan

Packed with the goodness of Oatmeal and some chocolate. Chocolate Oatmeal muffins by home baker Gunjan

2. Chocolate oatmeal muffins

For the health conscious who want to indulge without going on a guilt trip we have muffins with the goodness of oats and scrumptious-ness of chocolates.

By Homechef Gunjan

3. Red velvet cupcakes

Moist, rich and gorgeous red velvet cupcakes frosted with delicious cream cheese.

By Homechef Neha

4. Chocolate cupcakes

Sinful, decadent chocolate cupcakes to brighten up any day!

By Homechef Neha

5. Chocolate chip banana muffins

Mouthwatering muffins with the goodness of bananas and delectable chocolate chips.

By Homechef Akansha

6. Red velvet muffins

An enticing, rich, moist cupcake, with a festive colour and absolutely indulgent.

By Homechef Akansha

Christmas Cookies

7. Butter cookies

Melt-in-the-mouth good old butter cookies with the richness of butter and baked to perfection.

By Homechef Neha

8. Ginger bread crinkle cookies

Tea time cookies bursting with the warmth and freshness of ginger.

By Homechef Ajinder

10. Red Velvet crinkle cookies

The goodness of red velvet cake in cookie form. Can this get better?

By Homechef Ajinder

Christmas pies

home made apple pie and Christmas desserts made by Pune's top home baker and homechef
Scrumptious Apple pie made with fresh and crunchy apples by Homechef Malvika

11. Apple pie

A traditional Dutch pie with a flaky crust filled with the goodness of apples and baked to perfection!

By Homechef Malvika

Filled with yum chocolate..Chocolate pie by Home Baker Malvika

12. Chocolate pie

The lost loved pie of all (after all who doesn’t love chocolate?) with a perfect crust loaded with luscious, decadent chocolate.

By Homechef Malvika

Christmas Brownies & Cheesecakes

Cheesecake as Christmas dessert by Pune's top homechefs
Delectable cheesecake as Christmas dessert

13. Coeur à la Crème

A classic heart shaped French dessert made with delectable cream cheese and served with fresh and lip-smacking strawberry preserve.

By Homechef Ritu

14. Chocolate walnut brownie

Gooey brownies with the decadence of chocolate and the rich, nutty flavor of walnuts.

By Homechef Akansha

15. New York cheesecake

The classic and original cheesecake made with luscious cream cheese and baked to perfection on a golden crust.

By Homechef Kalyani

Assorted Christmas goodies

16. Mint chocolates

Mint and chocolates have forever been a classic combination and there has never been a better time to indulge in these sinfully delicious treats than Christmas!

By Homechef Gunjan

Mint Chocolates by Home Baker Gunjan

17. Guava cheese or perad

A popular dish brought by the Portuguese to India, the perad is a scrumptious dish which is a favorite on all Christmas dinner tables. It’s made with wholesome ripe pink guavas and cooked till it reaches a delicious chewy fudge like consistency. Need I say more?

By Homechef Neha

18. Ginger bread Loaf

Mid-way between a cake and a bread, this loaf has the goodness of ginger and the right hint of sweetness for Christmas.

By Homechef Ajinder

Savoury Christmas meal

Coconut rice with chicken vindaloo

Craving for something savoury after the happy sugar rush? This is just the thing you may want to order. Homechef Natasha presents  Coconut rice with chicken vindaloo made with fragrant, long grained, basmati rice cooked in coconut milk and mild spices which is perfectly paired with spicy chicken in a tangy onion based gravy. This party favourite will have you reaching out for more.

By Homechef Natasha

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