Vegan food in pune

World Vegan Food Day celebrations with Mealtango


Several vegans across the world struggle to find tasty but hygienic vegan food outside their homes. Because, despite veganism being on the rise, there is still not much awareness about what vegan lifestyle is and what foods are allowed and not.

Many are embracing veganism and are looking for vegan food options. For example, Mumbai based realtor, Anil Nagpal, recommends fresh cooked vegan food for better health. He turned vegan for health reasons and now having progressed to a raw vegan he has been able to reverse his type II diabetes of ten years.  

Mealtango is therefore (and rightfully so) quite excited  to bring  forth this offering.

Vegan Home-cooked food in Pune, delivered to your doorstep!

The community of home chefs at Mealtango can cater to special diets like that of vegans.  It is our pride to present to you a vegan menu, which is meat and dairy free, completely plant-based and is cooked at the homes of our talented chefs. There cannot be a better way of celebrating ‘World Vegan Day’ on November 1, 2017, than an exhaustive menu to satisfy your taste buds while keeping in mind your dietary restrictions.

    Chef Gunjan presents

  •         Makhni baby corn – A scrumptious baby corn gravy with Indian spices which gets its creamy texture from cashew paste
  •         Pasta in red bell pepper sauce- Mamma mia, pasta! Yes, a very vegan dish which has oodles of delicious red bell pepper sauce, talk of tasty and healthy!
  •         Vegetable fried rice with chilli garlic dip- A wholesome and filling rice meal with a tasty dip on the side
  •         Lite dal Makhani- This is dal makhani without the butter and cream and yet so creamy and tasty, all thanks to slow cooking the dals for hours! A must try.
  •         Vegetable melange with tofu- Vegan stir-fry of vegetables with the added protein nutrition.

     Chef Jayashree brings to you

  •         Vegan Indian Thali – This Maharashtrian cuisine based thali consists of peas corn patties, corn on the cob curry, rice, pickles, white dhokla, masoor biryani, poori, and bhaaji. That is a lot of food!
  •         Vegan Bhel and sprouts bhel – add more nutrients to the desi bhel
  •         Pani puri – This global favorite is vegan!
  •         Masala vadai and vegetable bondas – We have your entire day’s food options available out here. Vegan snacks? Our vadas and bondas are to die for.
  •         Mix vegetable curry with parathas – perfect for a light dinner    

    Chef Pankaja presents

  •         Vegan thali – This thali is designed to be a balanced diet, which will be low in calorie and high in nutrition value. Eight-compartment thali with two compartments of Sabji (seasonal), two compartments of dal/amti (toor/moong/masoor/urad/ chawli), chapati/bhakri (3 chapatis/two bhakris), rice, salad, and pickle/chutney.
  •         Sol Kadi – This is a famous drink from Maharashtrian Konkan region. Sol Kadi is a drink which is made from Kokum or Aamsol and coconut milk. This drink is known to aid digestion.
  •         Bhoplyache Gharge- Bhoplyache Gharge is a typical deep fried Maharashtrian snack made using grated red pumpkin, jaggery, chilli powder, and wheat flour. These mildly sweet puris are served with spicy garlic chutney.
  •         Soya Kheema – Spicy veg keema prepared by mincing soya chunks served with two tawa parathas.
  •         Chana Dal Pakodas – Crispy fried fritters made from soaked and ground chana dal served with green chutney.

    Chef Tanya’s vegan desserts

  •         Vegan Chocolate mousse – If you thought vegan food meant no desserts, you are wrong. This chocolate-y creamy mousse is made from dairy free cream and is perfect for the decadent dessert craving.
  •         Vegan peppermint chocolate mousse – Missed ‘After Eight’ Chocolates? Now no more! This Minty Chocolate Mousse Dessert is specially crafted for you and your Vegan friends. This would also be a great vegan dessert surprise for your party.

Make the most of this special menu for World Vegan day and share this great news with your friends too. This vegan food menu cooked by our home-chefs is available on advance orders, and it will be delivered to your homes. Check out the vegan homemade specials page to explore the food near you!


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