Who is Shruti Kulkarni? Meet Pune’s Best Chef, First Runner Up!

So the news is out and MealTango has announced Pune’s Best Chef! With over 40 participants, 350+ Shares and 37K+ Views, foodies across Pune have finalized the winners of the contest!

Among the 40+ contestants, there were many special ones! One of them is Shruti Kulkarni, our First Runner Up!

On our journey to Mumbai from Pune, we got a chance to get up close and personal with our fellow winners. Here are some excerpts from our conversations with them –


pbc19.jpgMealTango’s Best Chef Contestant: Shruti Kulkarni

MealTango: “How did you develop such a strong passion for cooking?”
Shruti: “With some people, it comes out naturally. Like every other teenage girl, I would sit on the Kadappa and watch my mother cook. Sitting there for hours and talking to her about how my day, subconsciously helped me to pick up my mom’s cooking skills!”

MealTango: “So you’d say that your Mom is the real inspiration for you?”
Shruti: “ I think I owe it to my Mom & Maasi. I have picked it up from both of them.”

M: “What are your specialties?”
S: “ I love to cook Marathi fare for people! But since my daughter Ira is a huge fan of Italian food, I put my extra love to it too.”

M: “Any dishes in particular?”
S: “Kolhapuri Misal and Ukadiche Modak tops my list.”

M: “One moment that you would cherish for life?”
S: “This is it. I think I want to frame the moment when I would receive the first certificate of my life from Masterchef Australia’s celebrity chef Christine Manfield at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba.”

M: “Wow! It is indeed a beautiful moment. So Shruti, what is your mantra for Life?”
S: “Eat till your heart’s content and bring a smile on everyone’s face!”

Shruti is best known for her delicious food at Tongue Ticklers, Pune. And also, for her big broad smile and love for feeding a little extra to everyone!

Contact Shruti on: Facebook: Shruti Kulkarni Satpute
Order Delicious food from Shruti on MealTango: Tongue Ticklers

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