Month: January 2016

  • So… What is MealTango?

    A food company with a motto ‘Great foods from Great Homes. Delivered to your doorstep’ is now making a lot of people in Pune happy and content with their service and home cooked meals. MealTango was started with a belief that the best food that you can get is from homes. The co – founders of MealTango are husband &… Continue reading "So… What is MealTango?"

  • A proud and exciting moment!!!

    Team MealTango is excited to share with all you readers that we got featured in the Australian Finance Review Newspaper!!! Christine Manfield, Chef, traveller and guest judge of Masterchef Australia is famous for her restaurants like Universal and Paramount in Sydney, Australia. She is also an avid traveller, who has been visiting Mumbai since the late 90’s. She was hosted… Continue reading "A proud and exciting moment!!!"