Surbhi Chaudhari
IT professional
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Hi, I am Surbhi
From Sakal Nagar, Aundh, Pune, MH, India

About me

Surbhi’s Delicatessen
Delicatessen originally meant delicious things to eat and now it means a small shop selling high quality foods. Living up to the name, I don’t compromise on the quality and taste of the things I make. An IT engineer by profession, cooking is where my passion lies. What started off as a hobby over the weekends to de-stress from work-life took a new shape when friends and family started appreciating my creation. Initially I cooked only for a few friends and for small family functions but when friends of friends tasted my food and complimented me for it, it was then that the idea to start selling my creations on a very small scale occurred to me. Very small scale, because I was cooking along side my usual 9 to 5 IT job. An engineer by day and a specialised self-learnt chef outside office, I really love cooking.

About my family

My father is a businessman and my mother is a homemaker and a culinary genius. I have a younger brother too.

I like to MealTango because...

I always wanted to start something of my own but couldn't because of huge investments. I started my small business but is not much recognized and is taking care of both for me.

Recommendations for me

22nd Feb, 2017

Awesome food cooked by Surabhi. Some must haves: Shrimp Scampi, Creamy chicken marsala and green salad with red wine viaigrette. Aubergine lasagna is her signature dish - i never thought aubergines could taste so yummy.

26th Jan, 2017

I had Surbhi's cream and cheese dip and it was just perfect! It looked like a dip you'd see on MasterChef Australia, and it tasted even better with the perfect balance between sour and sweet and the best consistency you'd want it from falling off of your bread sticks or crackers!

24th Jan, 2017

her aubergine lasagna is a must try for all those wanting to savor lasagna without the guilt of tucking away those unwanted "layers" . if you are one of those that look down upon this most humble vegetable, you will have healthy respect for the hidden flavors which come alive in surbhis innovative preparation. its full of flavor and has the wholesomeness of homemade lasagna. the vegetables, seasonings all made to perfection. not to forget the main ingredient in all her cooking , love :-) bon apetit..