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Hi, I am Shashi
From Near Park and Mall, Pune, MH, India

About me

I am a traveller at heart. I feel a lifetime is not enough to explore the treasures of travelling. My husband and I have extensively travelled to the USA, UK, Australia, Thailand, Nepal and South America. I must say, India too is a true marvel when it comes to tourism. We have explored a lot of India but still haven’t had enough. Incredible Indian food, the rich cultural heritage, the architecture, vivid topography. Coasts, forests, deserts, mountains, history, art & culture; name it and you would find it in India. We enjoy good food and travelling.
We are looking forward to meeting interesting people through MealTango!

About my family

We are retired senior HR professionals, who have worked in various parts of the country but are now settled in Pune, which we love. Our family members have worked and lived in the USA, UK and South-east Asia. We really enjoy meeting different types of people. We have a pet cat named Yogi, who keeps to himself. We believe in early to bed and hence our dinner time is usually 7 pm. We are interested in Indian and world cuisines. I am fond of old hindi movie songs, while Siddharth enjoys country music. Siddharth enjoys reading particularly on history. He also collects commemorative Indian coins.

I like to MealTango because...

My husband Siddhartha and I love the idea of meeting new people and making new friends.

My interests

 travelling, meeting people,  cooking,  reading,  TV,  music

Reviews for me as a guest

18th May, 2017

The overall experience was very good.Really liked delivering the order.Looking forward for more orders.

22nd Feb, 2015

Hello Mam, Thank U for selecting my takeaway meal hope u enjoyed meal. I am very glad to meet U....

4th Nov, 2014

What happens when u meet a person who brings back memory of your home town? ??? Truly nostalgic. Yes, my husband and I were happy to welcome shashi and siddharth for a southindian brunch. We started off with a small introduction of ourselves and were taken back to Chennai in no time. Learning that am a numismatic siddharth uncle brought his lovely collection of coins for sharing. Shashi aunty on the other hand was very eager to learn some family recipes and i was all delighted to demonstrate it for her. All in all it was a beautiful Sunday noon where we discussed anything and everything Chennai. Would love to host them anytime for a nostalgic dining.

27th Sep, 2014

It was fun to have guests like Shashi. Very social and interested in the meal. Was eager to learn the method of south Indian cooking, especially Pitlai and Rasam. Love to have her back in my hosting. Looking forward to meeting her again and again and again.

3rd Feb, 2014

Having Shashi over for Dinner was like "oh! so whats cooking today?"
informal, oozing with warmth and the worlds one big happy family.
i basked in all the warmth and appreciation about the meal.
i would cook everyday for people like Shashi who have so much to give in exchange for
a mere meal.

19th Oct, 2013

Hey Uncle and Aunty!

It was great having you both and we had wonderful time hosting you for lunch!
As always I enjoy talking to you on varied topics and this time too it was no different. My mother was glad that you enjoyed the South Indian lunch that was prepared.
Infact, she's now looking forward to becoming a host on mealtango at Ahmedabad :)

Hope to see you both soon.
Have a great time ahead :)


30th Jul, 2013

Mrs.Shashi and Mr. Siddharth accompanied by Neeta and Saket arrived on the dot despite the rain. They brought sunshine along with them after a long spell of gloomy weather. It was happiness all the way thereafter. The conversation just flowed and we did not realise how time passed. All of them have been very appreciative of the food. Looking forward to meeting them again.