Shalini Malhotra
Software architect
English, Hindi, Panjabi

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Hi, I am Shalini
From Park Street, Wakad, Pune, MH, India

Premium chef

About me

I am a techie by profession, married to another techie and because of both our work commitments, we have traveled across the world.
Coming from a family of foodies my passion has always been food and during all my travels I have sampled the local cuisines around the world; also when time permitted have done a few amateur courses . I love eating salads and soups but I cannot eat food that tastes bland ; so I am on a forever quest to research and reinvent healthy and tasty soups , salads and sandwiches. This led to the birth of light palate ; my homegrown venture where I cook healthy and flavorful soups , salads and sandwiches.

About my family

We are a small nuclear unit my husband , my toddler , a crazy but loveable dog and myself .

I like to MealTango because...

I feel today lots of people are looking for healthy and flavourful options to eat out and I sincerely believe I can keep their tummies and palate happy via Light Palate . Hoping mealtango will help me connect with them .

My interests

 Swimming, Music , Watching sitcoms on TV

Reviews for me as a host

17th Jul, 2017

Authentic and true to the original expected taste. Quantity of food as desired.
Great food, really enjoyed the meal.

30th Jun, 2017

Loved the food !

16th Jun, 2017

Good keto salads. Its difficult to find places to order keto salads in Pune. I am glad there is some one near by who makes them :)

15th Jun, 2017

We had ordered four different salads from chef Shalini. The taste of thai mango salad was amazing and watermelon salad was very nice and refreshing too. The other 2 salads - 3 bean salad and khuskhus with parsley were also nice.

Recommendations for me

17th Feb, 2017

Shalini is a very talented chef. She uses fresh produce and high quality ingredients in all her preparations. Everything that she prepares is healthy AND yummy. I have tried more than 70% of her current menu

17th Feb, 2017

Thai pumpkin soup and Three bean salad are a must try .. fresh and scrumptious salads .. she makes healthy eating interesting.

16th Feb, 2017

I am a regular customer of Shalini I am vegetarian and her all vegetarian dishes are yummm .. especially our family love all soups sandwiches and Shalini s salads are very tasty