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Hi, I am Deepika
From Koregaon Park, Pune, MH, India

Premium chef

About me

With over 7 years of work experience with corporate banks, I finally found my real calling - my kitchen! I love cooking and feeding family and friends. I love it when then say "This is awesome!" I want more and more people to try my food and fall in love with it.

About my family

I am an urban chic, born and raised in Mumbai having strong roots in this small town called Palakkad. Yes, I am a Malayali and I love my food. However, there is a twist to this. I married a Marwari from Kolkata. We love our eating and drinking and traveling across the globe in search of good food :) Now you can only imagine the food that is made in my kitchen.

I like to MealTango because...

I am an aspiring cafe/restaurant owner. I love cooking meals for family and friends and I wanted to test the waters before I dive into a full fledged career. MealTango seemed like a great platform for HomeChefs like me and that's why...

My blogposts

This blog is on how I took a liking for cooking, my journey from a culinary illiterate to becoming a commercial home chef.

 1st Mar, 2017

Reviews for me as a host

28th Jan, 2017

We were excited to taste Kerala cuisines. Meen Fry was excellent. Chicken curry too was very tasty. Veg. Stew was cooked perfectly and we loved it. Apam could have been little bigger and fluffier. Packing could have been little better so as liquid items would not spill or get soaked. Overall we were extremely happy. Thanks Deepika.

Response from Deepika
Wow! Thanks a heap for this lovely review. I am working on better packaging and yes, Appam will be bigger and fluffier when you place your next order :)
28th Jan, 2017

18th Jan, 2017

My friends and i have had the chicken and lamb burgers along with some burritos and they are absolutely mind blowing.

If you are big on Pasta then i am sure you would love the ones D'Made serves.

My first bite has always come with a 'yumm' with it.

The burgers are my personal favourite so i highly recommend starting with that. :)

Response from Deepika
Thanks Kaushik! :)

28th Jan, 2017

Recommendations for me

18th Jan, 2017

I spend a lot of time thinking about food and go far and wide for good food but oftentimes I find the best food at home made by Deepika who happens to be my wife. She makes some of the best chicken burgers you can have - great chicken patty, just the right amount of sauce - every time I take it to work, my colleagues tell me they are ready to pay for it if I can get them a complete burger. And now they can.

While I highly recommend the chicken burger, the stuffed mushroom, chicken burrito, pasta in alfredo sauce, fish fry and thukpa are also to die for. Give them a shot.

18th Jan, 2017

D.Made's Chicken burger is so fresh and filling. Crunchy, scrumptious and healthy.

Best pick for a weekend afternoon meal. Give it a shot.