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The meal arrived beautifully packaged and with instructions from Chef Rashi explaining how to dress the seekh kebabs. Boy, were they delicious and piping hot!:We both enjoyed our dinner immensely. The paneer was also tasty but the kebabs took top honors. We made three meals out of them and would or 
food was very daughter just latched on to the roti noodles.... thali meal was real tasty- was carving for more rotis.....
Rashi is an excellent cook! I have been enjoying her cooking for 13 years now!

Amazing dishes at very reasonable price. I try not to miss their weekend lunch... they are simply awesome.

All the best!!?
I strongly recommend everyone to try their food. The chat prepared by her is the best chat I ever had. North indian menu is must try and very yummy. Very affordable prices and great taste and very good portion size.
Rashi is one of the best when it comes about hygienic, tasty, authentic north Indian delicaies. Her dishes are awesum in spices blend.her food is as good as food made in my kitchen.3 cheers for her
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