Taste of North
Takeaway/Delivery. Homechef located at Kothrud, Pune (India)
Taste of North serves simple home-made food cooked with a lot of attention and care. I also bring to you some authentic cuisine directly inherited from the Valley of Kashmir. Being from Kashmir I prepare food which is mild in taste and rich in flavor. My specialties predominantly include non-vegetarian, with mutton or chicken used as prime ingredient but there are a few delicacies for vegetarians too! A good meal is incomplete with a good dessert, so don't worry I have some few options too.

The agenda is to cook a good tasty meal with basic ingredients and lots of love so that one should be satisfied and delighted.

Guest cancellation policy
12 hrs before the order date: 100% refund
4hrs before the order date: 50% refund
Less than 4 hrs before before the order date: no refund

Delivery policy
Minimum order: Rs. 250
Delivery charges: Rs 40
Delivery free for orders above: Rs. 250

Vegetarian Mains
Bhindi fry (1 Plate) - Veg
Crispy bhindi fried with onions, garlic, chilies and jeera.
(serves 2)

Aloo matar (1 Plate) - Veg
The ever popular combo of potatoes and green peas including gravy of tomatoes, onions and green chilies cooked along with aromatic spices.
(serves 2)

Dal makhani (1 bowl) - Veg
A lentil curry including mixture of whole black urad and few rajma beans made with lots of butter and cream. onions, tomatoes, green chilies and spices included.
(serves 2)

Kashmiri Paneer Delicacies
Kashmiri style shahi paneer (250 g) - Veg-Paneer
Paneer is crushed properly and cooked with onions, almonds and milk giving it a creamy texture and total shahi taste. (serves 2-3)

Kashmiri style tamatar paneer (250 g) - Veg-Paneer
Paneer pieces fried and cooked in a tomato gravy with both powdered and whole spices. (serves 2-3)

Kashmiri style palak paneer (250 g) - Veg-Paneer
Paneer pieces and palak fried separately, incorporated in a tasty gravy with both powdered and whole spices. (serves 2-3)

Chicken Delight
Chicken majestic (250 g) - Chicken
Boneless chicken pieces marinated and then deep fried. the pieces are then tossed along with onions, tomatoes, capsicum, green chilies and aromatic spices. (serves 2)

Butter chicken (with bones) (1/2 kg) - Chicken
The rich and creamy butter chicken cooked with lots of butter, curd and cream slow cooked with aromatic spices. onions, tomatoes, green chilies included. (serves 2-3)

Smoked chicken (with bones) (1/2 kg) - Chicken
Chicken marinated in curd and then slow cooked. finally the chicken is smoked with charcoal giving it a smoky flavor. onions, tomatoes, green chilies included. (serves 2-3)

Smoked chicken (boneless) (250 g) - Chicken
Chicken marinated in curd and then slow cooked. finally the chicken is smoked with charcoal giving it a smoky flavor. onions, tomatoes, green chilies included. (serves 2)

Kashmiri Mutton Delight
Kashmiri yakhini (1/2 kg) - Mutton
Authentic kahmiri yakhni which is a yoghurt based mutton gravy. cloves, cardamoms and fennel seeds are the primary spices used for flavoring this curry. (serves 2-3)

Mattar keema (1/2 kg) - Mutton
mutton keema and peas sauteed in a thick mixture of stimulating flavors. (serves 2-3)

Kashmiri Desserts
Falooda (1 bowl) - Veg
cold dessert made from mixing milk, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds, dry fruits and syrups like rose, strawberry or mango into a shake like consistency. (serves 1)

Gajar ka halwa (1 bowl) - Veg
The all time famous gajr ka halwa made with grated carrots, milk, sugar, dry fruits and ghee. (serves 1)

Kashmiri phirini (1 bowl) - Veg
Traditional kashmiri phirni made with semolina, milk, sugar, dry fruits and shredded coconut boiled to a thick consistency. (serves 1)

Sooji ka halwa (1 bowl) - Veg
A delicious halwa made from semolina, ghee and dry fruits. (serves 1)

Add on
Flavored rice (1 plate ) - Veg
Rice made with a mixture of onions and flavored with whole spices. (serves 2)

Matar pulao ( 1 plate) - Veg
A very basic pulav made with green peas and aromatic whole spices.
(serves 2)

Add on
Mooli ki chutney ( 1 bowl) - Veg
grated radish chutney including curd, green chilies, coriander and mint.

Raita (1 bowl) - Veg
Grated cucumber mixed with curd and zeera. carrot, onions, green chilies, coriander and mint can also be incorporated.

Reviews for this meal


Apr 23 2017

This was the second time I could relish the food from Chef Sabah. We had ordered aloo mutter, gajar ka halwa and palak paneer in Kashmiri style. The food was heavenly. Each dish was so tasty and homely that we just loved it. We are thankful to Chef Sabah and of course to MealTango.


Apr 14 2017

If you want to have great Kashmiri food right here in Pune, this is the place!! Sabah, thank you so very much!! We had ordered Kashmiri butter chicken and sooji ka halwa. Butter chicken was excellent. Very rich!! Nicely cooked and sumptuous. The halwa reminded us of all the Kashmiri dry fruits. Sabah sent us delicious kava complimentary as this was our first order from her. Everything was so nicely packed. We would love to have such food again and again.

Recommendations for Sabah


Apr 21 2017

when it come to food sabah is the best u can think of .....she is the best cook & i love here food as i have filled my tummy with her yummy food in hostel a lot of times as a roommate ....... i still remember here butter chicken, matar pulao ,ratia & shahi paneer ...... i could never say say no to her food ..... i could recommend you to go for taste of north .


Apr 20 2017

She is the best cook I've known so far, be it any kind of food the end results are simply delicious. If you are in Pune, I strongly recommend you should not miss taste of her delicious food.


Apr 11 2017

Mutton lovers are in for a treat, the Yakhni she makes, you will find nowhere else in the world, must try, butter chicken is delicious. Highly recommended.


Apr 10 2017

I recommend to order food from taste of north.The food she makes reminds the taste of mom made food.
The food is delicious,hygienic and it brings to you the taste of north,specially the kashmiri food.You need not to travel miles to taste the kashmiri cuisines as its near you.
Go for Taste of North.

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