Our freshly baked goodies are made with the best of hand-picked ingredients! All our delights are made-to-order and customisable as per your needs.

All our South Indian delicacies are prepared with homemade masalas, following authentic Karnataka recipes straight from a Kannadiga kitchen!

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Less than 24hrs before before the order date: no refund

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Minimum order: Rs. 500
Delivery charges : Rs.100
Delivery free for orders above: Rs.1000
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My Home Bakery!
Red velvet cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
Melt in the mouth traditional red velvet cake frosted with our homemade cream cheese frosting.

Vanilla cupcakes with assorted frostings (6 pcs) - Cake-Eggless
Soft and fresh vanilla cupcakes topped with whipped cream frosting. variety of frosting flavours to choose from! flavours available: pineapple, strawberry, caramel, butterscotch, coffee mocha, blueberry, mango

Choco devil cupcakes (6 pcs) - Cake-Eggless
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse frosting or choco mint frosting to choose from

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (6 pcs) - Cake-Eggless
Our traditional red velvet cupcakes with homemade cheesy cream cheese frosting that you cant resist!

Zesty lemon cupcakes with lemon drizzle (6 pcs) - Cake-Eggless
Very fresh and tangy cupcakes with the right blend of sweet and citrusy lemon drizzle topping!

Fresh cream cakes (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
A variety of flavours to choose from: chunky pineapple, black forest, mango, strawberry, butterscotch, mocha coffee, choco vanilla. all the cakes are freshly prepared on order and have melt-in-the-mouth whipped cream frosting.

Chocolate truffle cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
Love chocolate? then this tender, luxurious layer cake is for you. with a ganache glaze and a fabulous dark chocolate filling, the indulgence is so worth it!

Chocolate mousse cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
Dark chocolate mousse cake is really a treat if you want to experience smooth chocolate flavours on your taste buds and enjoy the party!

Fresh fruit cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
With the vanilla base cake, this fruit cake is perfect if you want to stuff yourself with real and fresh fruits that is absolutely finger-licking!

Marble cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
A concoction of aromatic vanilla and rich chocolate cake, perfect to be served as a tea time snack!

Rich plum cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
Authentic plum cake with the right blend of whole spices and soaked fruits and nuts to fill up your house with the aroma of christmas!

Orange blueberry chocochip tea cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
A light and airy cake with hand picked blueberries, blended in the right flavours of orange and chocochips. this is one cake that you cant stop having after a slice!

Nutty walnut brownie (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
A gooey, chocolatey and rich brownie, that tales you back to the old school days and tastes best when slightly warm and served with a scoop of vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce.

Banana chocochip tea cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
A very delicious and soft tea time cake best to have with a cup of warm milk. the combination of bananas and chocolates is just heavenly!

Jar desserts (2 Jars) - Cake-Eggless
A one pot dessert with the goodness of cake and cream in a cute glass jar perfect for gifting as well as serving as a dessert! many flavours to choose from- death by chocolate, strawberry chocolate cheesecake, vanilla cake with paan mousse, chilled lemon pie

Fresh cream cakes with fondant toppers (1 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
Various theme based cakes with fresh cream and minimum usage of fondant for toppers!

Full fondant covered cakes (1 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
Fresh and soft cakes covered with a thin layer of fondant and designed as per the theme. customisable as per your needs.

Muffins (6 pcs) - Cake-Eggless
Our homemade muffins are perfect for breakfasts, brunches or anytime snacks. various options to choose from like double chocolate, orange cranberry, apple cinnamon, banana walnut, coffee mocha, zesty orange

Choco chips fresh cream cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
Melt-in the mouth chocolate rich care with nutty chocolate chips that perfectly complement each other to scintillate your taste buds.

Belgium chocolate signature cake (1/2 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
A rich, moist and gooey chocolate ganache cake with homemade caramel sauce and butterscotch pieces...pure seduction. this is our signature recipe!

Ferreo rocher cake (1 Kg) - Cake-Eggless
A melt in the mouth cake loaded with nuts and succulent dutch chocolate ganache topped with rochers . one of our signature desserts! highly recommended.

Southern Delights
Masala paniyaram (Serves 1) - Veg
Perfect to be served for breakfast, brunch or evening snack; these fluffy paniyarams are kids favourites. perfectly spiced and tempered with south indian masalas and served with onion sambar makes a deadly combination. 1 plate consists 10 paniyaram's with onion sambar sufficient for 1 person.

Idli-sambar (Serves 1) - Veg
From an authentic karnataka household, soft and fluffy steamed idli's served with coconut chutney and freshly prepared sambar, infused with home made masalas. 1 plate consists of 5 idlis, sambar and coconut chutney sufficient for 1 person.

Masala dosa (Serves 1) - Veg
Perfectly roasted masala dosa's can be served as anytime meal. toasted in pure ghee, these golden dosa's will definitely remind you of an authentic south-indian kitchen. 1 plate consists 2 masala dosa's, sambar and coconut chutney sufficient for 1 person.

Mysore masala dosa (Serves 1) - Veg
A crisp dosa lathered with a fiery red chutney and stuffed with some mashed potato filling. this one is our signature dish that will leave you craving for more! 1 plate consists of 2 dosas with sambar and coconut chutney sufficient for 1 person.

Bisi bele bhath (Serves 1) - Veg
A traditional karnataka food that is prepared in almost every kannadiga’s home. this authentic recipe is a no onion and no garlic recipe and is a one pot meal that will keep you full for a longer time and is the best way to make your little one eat lots of veggies. served with onion, tomato raita sufficient for 1 person.

Puliogare (Serves 1) - Veg
A sweet and tangy tamarind rice preparation served with seviyan payasam sufficient for 1 person.

Karnataka style pulav (Serves 1) - Veg
Infused with authentic south indian spices and coconut, this mix veg pulav is an authentic kannada household rice preparation served with raita, sufficient for 1 person.

Seviyan payasam (1 bowl) - Veg
Home cooked vermicelli kheer mildly sweet, garnished with ghee roasted raisins and cashews. an authentic south indian recipe. sufficient for 1 person.

Moong daal payasam (1 bowl) - Veg
A smooth, creamy, traditional kheer that tastes delicious and is very healthy too. perfect for naivedyam and also for treating with kids as it is made with jaggery and khuskhus.

Full Meal
South indian platter (Serves 1) - Veg
A combination of 3 fluffy steamed idli's, 4 pieces of masala paniyaram's and 1 masala dosa served with onion sambar and coconut chutney. straight from a south-indian household, this combo will definitely leave you licking your fingers sufficient for 1 person!

Rice meal (Serves 2) - Veg
1 place consists of vegetable sambar, white steamed rice, tempered lemon rice and lemon pickle. sufficient for 2 people.

South indian meal (Serves 1) - Veg
Steamed rice, tempered curd rice, sambar and lemon pickle sufficient for 1 person

Quick Combo Meals
Pav bhaji (Serves 1) - Veg
4 pavs served with vegetable bhaji made in butter. this street food is made with a blend of flavourful spices accompanied with onion and cucumber salad.

Chole-rice (Serves 1) - Veg
Authentic punjabi chole cooked in homemade spices, served with rice, pickle and onion salad.

Rajma-rice (Serves 1) - Veg
A full meal in itself! a perfect comfort food of all north indian households served with onion and carrot salad.

Vegetable pulav with raita (Serves 1) - Veg
Sumptuous wholesome meal with the goodness of vegetable and typical mughlai spices blended with the fragrance of basmati rice served with onion-tomato raita.

My Home Bakery!
Naan khatai (250 gms) - Cake-Eggless
Our rich, buttery, crunchy cookies are perfect as return favors for your kids birthday parties and also serves as a perfect tea time snack. options to choose from: spritz cookies, coffee cookies, naan khatai, choco-chip cookies, double chocolate cookies, anzac cookies(oats and coconut), orange chocochip cookies, butter cookies

Coffee cookies (250 gms) - Cake-Eggless
Our rich, buttery, crunchy cookies are perfect as return favors for your kids birthday parties and also serves as a perfect tea time snack. options to choose from: spritz cookies, coffee cookies, naan khatai, choco-chip cookies, double chocolate cookies, anzac cookies(oats and coconut), orange chocochip cookies, butter cookies

Butter cookies (1/2 kg) - Cake-Eggless
Melt-in-the-mouth spritz cookies, light as air and mildly sweet; perfect to be served as evening snacks along with milk or coffee!

Spritz cookies (250 gms) - Cake-Eggless
Our rich, buttery, crunchy cookies are perfect as return favors for your kids birthday parties and also serves as a perfect tea time snack. options to choose from: spritz cookies, coffee cookies, naan khatai, choco-chip cookies, double chocolate cookies, anzac cookies(oats and coconut), orange chocochip cookies, butter cookies

Add on
Gun powder (1/2 kg) - Veg
A fragrant-spiced condiment, perfect to be devoured with idli's, dosa's or just simple hot steamed rice. can be sprinked on your dishes to enhance their taste or good to go on its own.

Reviews for this meal


Feb 20 2017

Hi Tanya, So very happy to order special birthday cake for my Sister In Law. Ferrero Rocher cake was yummy, delicious with lots of crunchy nuts and sumptuous chocolate topped with Rochers! All of us simply enjoyed it.

kadhi pakora worth ordering again with aloo jeera!!! Yummy!!

Recommendations for Tanya


Dec 18 2016

Not once have I been disappointed by her food. It's always perfectly baked and delicious. She offers stuff per your choice and is always willing to mix flavors up to be bold and innovative. I would not think twice before recommending her or asking her to bake something for me. Thanks Tanya ji.


Dec 05 2016

Tanya is a great friend of mine since i have been ordering Cakes, cookies, Jar cakes and Chocolates from her. I know the ingredients that she uses are way superior and healthier then any bakers like Monginis, Bakers basket, Copper chocks. She gives all kinds of Variety in Whole wheat as well so its light on stomach. She makes sure that she delivers quality and worth every Penny . She would rather refuse to deliver but never compromise on her Cakes and chocolates. Well another thing about her is that she is not just a great baker but also an awesome Cook. I have tried her Rassam and Sambar with Idly and its mind blowing. It gives the Authentic experiance of south indian taste though she is from Agra. I wish her all the best for her future and hope she is recognized as the best baker in Town and an excellent Cook. Thank you very much Tanya.


Dec 02 2016

Sweet Surrender by Tanya has become my family's favourite choice when it comes to fulfill our sweet cravings in no time.Her Teatime cakes are soft ,cupcakes are kids fav. and chocolates melts in the mouth(specially the gems one).Best part is that everything is fresh and hygienically made . WORTH TRYING for sure!!!


Dec 02 2016

i have so far tried red velvet cake, choco chip cukcakes, vanilla tea cakes, they have all been yummy especially the frost and made the occassion more special.They are so delicious, my guests couldnt believe its homemade!! kudos tanya, we loved it.


Dec 01 2016

I had ordered chocolate cupcakes and Red Velvet cake for my friend's birthday party from Tanya and they really made the day special by serving us yummy and tasty cupcakes with chocolate mousse frosting and cream cheese frosting
Impressed with the quality and taste which she provides. Takes order and provide delivery on time. Complete Satisfaction.❤❤ Just simply loved her service..I am definitely trying new cakes and cuisines from her in future..


Nov 24 2016

I had ordered Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake from Tanya for my wife's birthday. It was too delicious cake, I ever tasted. She also offers other variety of cakes & sweets.

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