Our sweets are made from finest quality nuts. No added preservatives.The silver varakh(leaves) used for decorations are purely edible and vegan.Chutneys are made using traditional family recipes and grind in stone mortar and pestle. Olive oil or kacchi Ghani oil is used for shallow frying. All the spices used for curry's are home made. No instant spices are used.
Sweet dishes are my specialty.
Sweets are the important part of Indian food. Whether it is to celebrate a reason, to share happiness or offerings for the god. Sweet dish comes first. I have tried sweet dishes Indian as well as from around the world. Going to share the legacy of sweet dishes of generations.

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Cashew pinwheels with rose petals (1/2 kg) - Veg
Cashew pinwheels is a dessert made up of cashews. it is made with only three ingredients and tastes awesome. no added preservatives. no added flour. edible color added. decorated with edible vegan silver varakh.

Kaju katli (1/2 kg) - Veg
Kaju katli is a popular dessert. similar to burfi but without milk products. tastes delicious and rich in proteins. no added colors, no added preservatives. decorated with edible vegan silver varakh. sugar free kaju katli is also available.

Dark chocolate surprise (10 pcs) - Veg
Dark chocolate cups with a malai surprise inside. loaded with pistachios. a perfect party dessert.

Motichoor rabdi parfait (6 cups) - Veg
Fusion sweets are getting popular these days. chilled rabdi with hot boondi tastes awsome. looks great with color combination of orange boondi and white rabdi

Pista burfi (1/2 kg ) - Veg
Handpicked pistas used blended with fresh coconut and sugar. no added color and fragrances.

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Groundnut chutney (150 gms) - Veg
Ground nut chutney is made of roasted peanuts and high source of protein.
can be eaten with rotis or rice . also can be used to prepare dips.

Mutton pickle (250 gms) - Mutton
Mutton chunks are added to the spicy red chilli paste and pickle masalas. no artificial flavors, colors used. no thickening agents used. mutton pickle can be eaten with roti or rice. which makes a whole meal in itself.

Methi dana ki launji (250 gms) - Veg
You are sure to enjoy the delicate balance of flavours in this traditional rajasthani preparation of soaked methi seeds, perked up with spices and powders, and balanced with sweet ingredients like jaggery and raisins. while soaked fenugreek seeds are used in this recipe,
can be enjoyed with paraths , puries or rice.

Beetroot tikki with mint chutney (4 pcs) - Veg
Beetroot is known as magic root because of its health benefits. but there are very recipes made of beetroot . beetroot tikki is a very good option to have beetroot.it looks attractive with its pink color. tastes sweet, tangy and little spicy. can be eaten at any time. come with tomato ki kachhi chutney

Fish fry (5 pcs) - Seafood
Fish fry made of common species available at home. shallow fried in olive oil. served with lemon and onion. mud cat fish is used to make fish fry

Full Meal
Meatball curry with tagad chapati (Serves 1) - Mutton
Meat ball made of minced lamb slow cooked in mutton shorba. served with tagad chapati
tagad chapati is little different than normal chapati. tagad chapati is rolled on thin sheet of tin and rosted with little oil.
qty: 250 gms curry and 4 chapatis

Mughlai mutton korma (1 kg) - Mutton
Mughlai mutton korma is a traditional mughlai recipe, blended with dry fruits and spices. mutton slow cooked in dry fruit paste and spices. served with chapati's. a perfect whole meal

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Dec 25 2016

The food was absolutely wonderful!!...We especially enjoyed the Fish fry :-) ... If you're looking for an inexpensive place to eat Fish Fry, this is the place. We ordered "Fish Fry and Cashew pinwheels" and got the delivery on time, the food was good. It's pretty much more you get what you pay for. Portion sizes for Fish Fry are decent. The food was fresh, properly prepared and a great value for the price.And for Cashew pinwheels it was lovely tasty..... We highly recommend it.....thank U to the Chef for preparing such a lovely dish!!..... I hope we will get the same kind of taste in our future deals.... And also full marks for on time delivery!! Great Job!!

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