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Pankaja's Non-veg Delicacies
Full Meal
Egg drop curry with bhakris (Serves 1) - Has Egg
This egg drop curry is every egg lovers delight.
curry (400ml) with two eggs served with two bhakris (rice/jowar), and salad

Kombdi rassa with bhakris (Serves 1) - Chicken
This spicy maharashtrian konkani-style chicken red curry will make you lick your fingers.
chicken curry (400 ml) served with two bhakris (rice/jowar) and salad

Kombdi rassa with rice and sol kadhi (Serves 1) - Chicken
This spicy maharashtrian konkani-style chicken red curry will make you lick your fingers. contains chicken curry (400ml), rice(500ml), sol kadhi and salad

Pankaja's Veg Delicacies
Chana dal pakoda (12 pcs) - Veg
Crispy fried fritters made from soaked and ground chana dal served with green chutney.

Full Meal
Assorted puris with chana masala (Serves 1) - Veg
Chana masala (400ml) served with four puris of rice, wheat, bajra, and methi each and salad.

Pankaja's thali (Serves 1) - Veg
This thali is designed to be a balanced diet, which will be low in calorie and high in nutrition value.

sabji (seasonal), dal/amti (toor/moong/masoor/urad/ chawli), chapati/bhakri (3 chapatis/two bhakris), rice, salad, and pickle/chutney.

Gujarati dal dhokli pot meal (Serves 1) - Veg
A traditional gujarati one pot meal dish made by simmering wheat flour dumplings in gujarati dal. (400ml)

Vangi bharit with bhakri (Serves 1) - Veg
This dish (400ml) is prepared by roasting eggplant on fire, which gives a smoky flavor to the preparation, served along with two rice/jowar bhakris with salad

Kadhi-khichdi (Serves 1) - Veg
A thick gravy based on chickpea flour to which sour yogurt is added to give it little sour taste served with moong-dal khichdi. (500ml)

Patodi rassa with bhakri (Serves 1) - Veg
Patodi is cooked with bengal gram flour and curry (400ml) is prepared using various spices, served with two jowar bhakris.

Goli sambar with bhakri (Serves 1) - Veg
Besan dumplings with spicy curry served with two jowar bhakris.

Pankaja's Desserts
Pakatlya purya (12 pcs) - Veg
Pakatlya purya literally means puris soaked in sugar syrup. this is a traditional maharashtrian recipe and is prepared on festive occasions. these puris can be stored for 3-4 days.

Puran poli (5 pcs) - Veg
Puran poli is a sweet flatbread from maharashtra made from chana dal, wheat flour, jaggery, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, ghee, and water.

Gul poli (5 pcs) - Veg
Gul poli is a popular maharashtrian sweet roti, little crisp. it is stuffed with a mixture of nutty sesame, crunchy peanuts, cardamom, dried coconut, and jaggery. taste great with a smear of ghee.

Recommendations for Pankaja


Jan 20 2017

Assorted Puris with Chana Masala
Veg lovers must...........
Awesome blend of ingredients.....
Nice taste & flavour not just as a typical Chana Masala.....


Jan 20 2017

I have tested food prepared by Pankja many times. She is very good cook. She has completed her hotel management course. Even though she is vegetarian, she prepare nice non vegetarian dishes.


Jan 16 2017

All the recipes are good, especially Kombdi rassa and egg drop curry. Pankaja is a brilliant cook. Good home cooked food.


Jan 16 2017

Excellent food..... Keep it up.... Pankaja
Veg lovers must........... try delicious n excellent quality food by Pankaja.....


Jan 05 2017

Pankaja is trustworthy, honest. Rest assured with her quality of food. She is expert in bakery, indian and continental food.


Jan 05 2017

Trustworthy, honest and best quality, healthy preparations. She is best in all sort of bakery and indan as well as continental food.

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