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We were excited to taste Kerala cuisines. Meen Fry was excellent. Chicken curry too was very tasty. Veg. Stew was cooked perfectly and we loved it. Apam could have been little bigger and fluffier. Packing could have been little better so as liquid items would not spill or get soaked. Overall we were 
My friends and i have had the chicken and lamb burgers along with some burritos and they are absolutely mind blowing. If you are big on Pasta then i am sure you would love the ones D'Made serves. My first bite has always come with a 'yumm' with it. The burgers are my personal favourite  

I spend a lot of time thinking about food and go far and wide for good food but oftentimes I find the best food at home made by Deepika who happens to be my wife. She makes some of the best chicken burgers you can have - great chicken patty, just the right amount of sauce - every time I take it to w 
D.Made's Chicken burger is so fresh and filling. Crunchy, scrumptious and healthy.
Best pick for a weekend afternoon meal. Give it a shot.
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