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Prajakti's ' Khubani Ka Meetha' was a delectable way to end our family's birthday dinner. There was no end to the lip-smacking Oohs! and Aahs! Highly recommended.

The tres leches cake was delicious. We could distinctly taste the three types of milk. And the cherry on the cake were the strawberries!! A tasty cake made by a baking expert, a wonderful treat for all food lovers
Absolutely satisfying experience!!
Ordered quite a few desserts, very consistent and gracious in quantity.
Definitely recommend carry o cake!!
Excellent desserts, baked with passion, no compromise on quality of ingredients, process, care and fantastic presentation!
Yaks babe
Carry o cake makes delicious home made desserts. Its the perfect place to go to for all your sweet dreams. For fudgy brownies or a moist tres leches cake, it's my go to place.
Prajakti uses the best ingredients and makes sure your dessert is as special to her as it is to you. It's her love f 
CarryOCake’s desserts are amazing! Love their cakes & brownies (specially the Raspberry-ChocBrownie and the Mocha muffins) and was pleased to see so many Keto and Low Carb options. Prajakti's CarryOCake provides excellent quality & taste, with a warmth of homemade goodness. They also provide deli 
Excellent desserts ......lovely presentation with the warmth of home made goodness.
Kind of like ones own mothers baking but with a hint of professional touch . I specially loved her Mango Cheese Cake .
CarryOCake is like creating an art piece that is hand crafted. Prajakti does this out of sheer love for making the consumer" of the cake real happy. The ingredients she uses are mostly natural and your mouth will go watering with the just the sheer look of the cakes she bakes, leave alone what it fe 
I have tried various items from Prajakti’s range of products and they are absolutely delicious! All my family members have a sweet tooth and we know that CarryOcake is the place to indulge in when those sinful cravings arise. I like the fact that I can totally trust that her products are of the 
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