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" Biryani undoubtedly is a God's food ". The magic of biryani lies in the way rice is transformed into something ambrosial.

The term biryani in itself has the essence, the versatile aroma, taste and looks that can trigger any familiar South Asian’s taste buds. It is indeed a dish that has gone world over and today is found to be prepared in various cuisines in different methods, with different spices, ingredients, all culturally, geographically and even religiously specific. The biryani in India is prepared in different ways in every household. However, the biryani of Hyderabad, Calcutta, Kashmir and Lucknow tend to be more popular in India.

The biryani is enjoyed by majority of Indians and people world over. It manages to mark its place in every ceremony and occasion throughout the seasons across the globe. The aroma wafts to reveal the richness and spices that this concoction is known for. A delicacy, savoury and must try, indeed.

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Authentic hyderabadi dum biryani (Serves 2) - Veg
A dum biryani perfect for any occasion....long grain aromatic basmati rice and assorted veges in a spicy masala cooked in alternate layers under dum treat all your senses. saffron blend perfectly in this creates the true magic....served with burrani raita.

Egg biryani (Serves 2) - Has Egg
The most flavourfull biryani...a great treat for egg lovers...served with onion pachadi raita.

Jackfruit dum biryani (Serves 2) - Veg
A very unusual biryani made withfried raw jackfruit pcs cooked with a perfect blend of spices naromatic basmati rice.....u will never regret.

Soyaa chaap biryani (Serves 2) - Veg
Not to be missed this signature dish is a total regret if missed.....served with burrani raita.

Pea and vegetable tehri (Serves 2) - Veg
Nutritious, homely and tasty and a beautiful blend of veges, peas , aromatic spices in garlic with basmati rice is truely a killer on ur taste buds....... served with green coriander chutney n curds.

Signature gobhi & matar ke chawal (Serves 2) - Veg
This is a simple, soulful and humble dish that defines the aromatic rice preparation from eastern up. a wholesome meal and best eaten with plain curd

Avadhi mutton biryani (Serves 2) - Mutton
A recipe by chef aditya bal.
a classic from royal avadhi kitchen where mutton pieces are cooked to perfection with extra long fragrant rice.

served with burrani raita / onion pachdi

Chicken reshmi biryani (Serves 2) - Chicken
Burst of flavours and robbed in a mix of chicken and rice, the most salivating recipe by chef niru.

served with burrani raita / onion pachdi

Makhani paneer biryani (Serves 2) - Veg-Paneer
The tendor paneer pieces cooked to perfection in a hearty mix of rice and spices, doused in a creamy texture is a special treat.

served with burrani raita

Scheherazade biryani (Serves 2) - Chicken
Serving this authentic iranian biryani at your dinner table together with spices and a generous helping of nuts.

Chicken biryani with coconut milk (Serves 2) - Chicken
A heart warming combination of spices and condiments simmering with chicken pieces and rice, and added dose of coconut milk makes this one a creamy aromatic treat.

Authentic hyderabadichicken biryani (serves 2) - Chicken
"a nawab mehbood alam khan's recipe.

the world famous hyderabadi biryani more of a mughlai origination is prepared with a lot of spices, soft chicken pieces, curd (yoghurt), rice and the special ingredients of saffron give it the cut out of the rest of the varieties of biryani in this land of tradition and folklore . it is not only a delicacy in hyderabad households but is also a favourite at the hotspots, getaways and restaurants in the city.

served with burrani raita, "

Recommendations for Supritee


Jan 21 2017

Awesome cook. Have the ability to make simple food delicious. From Indian to western all kinds of food look equally authentic...


Jan 15 2017

Supritee is very passionate about food. She cooks with love and skill. Love the homely vibe that her food has. The food is very authentic, no matter what the cuisine is.


Jan 10 2017

I honestly didn’t know this would be nearly as good as it is, but was willing to try anything to make planning healthy meals fasters and easier. We love it! We are a family of 4 and we love eMeals. They have a great selection of recipes and I like that you can change your preferences at any time.


Jan 06 2017

Her dishes are very delicious and mouthwatering. The important thing is that you can find homely taste and flavor. I tried chocolate varieties and biriyani ..items were really excellent.


Jan 06 2017

As a person very good.Humble kind and efficient.Her Recipies are excellent and my daughter loves her and she keep doing her taught items.superb.


Dec 22 2016

Hello to all the Food Connoisseurs,

I take privilege in writing this recommendation for Supritee who is a great friend, a true mentor and an elder sister like for me. We share quite a few interests, which include our love for Travel and Food. Writing a recommendation here on MealTango, let me focus on our Love for Food which so binds us together. :)

Supritee doesn't cook just for the sake of it. For her, food is a passion which she dreams and lives on a daily basis. Each of her dishes are dripping and drenching in creativity, love, energy, and enthusiasm, which is why she creates the most unimaginable, delicious, palatable variety of home cooked - healthy food.

All her dishes, ranging from Biryanis to Deserts would only make you fall in love with the World of Food. Whether it's her oven fresh, velvety, baked to perfection - cakes and bakes, the extra creamy, milky and extraordinary variety of chocolates that'll simply melt in your mouth, the lip smacking and sumptuous 'Dumm Biryanis', (my personal all time favourite being the Egg Biryani) which trust me are far better than the best of market Biryanis...her range of lovingly cooked food will only make you crave for more n more...Not just the taste but even the packing and presentation is done to utmost perfection.

I have a sincere desire to get trained under her and later working with her. Hope I get an opportunity to live my dream in the latter years of my life...

Wishing Supritee, my dearest friend the very best! May she only continue to rise and shine and keep pampering us with more n more of her exquisite and sensational preparations.



Dec 21 2016

Hi ,
I have known Supritee for her culinary excellence and as a great mentor. Now as you are associated with Meal Tango is another feather on your cap. I have had a privilege of having her Biryaniz and Tehreez and yum chocolates (which she say precisely as Truffles). The home cooked Biryaniz are just awesome. I have recently organized a party at my house and I have ordered Veg Biryani + Burhaani Raita +Pachchadi in main course and in desert it was delicious walnut brownies . Everyone just loved it not just the taste but also the way it has been presented. It was spicy with balanced flavors, yet not heavy on stomach that's the difference I could make out between home cooked and restaurant made Biryaniz. The reason is very simple that she puts lot of love , enthusiasm and attention to her every recipe along with great effort.
The truffles and chocolates are crafted with precision and creativity. These are freshly made , healthy and varied range of chocolates oops truffles :).
Supritee a big thanks to you for feeding us with one of the best Biryaniz I have ever had and Truffles. My all the best wishes to you for your success.


Dec 21 2016

The most awesome egg biryani I have tried so far. Ontime delivery and superior quality of the food made my party a hit.

Feast for both eyes and stomach.


Dec 20 2016

Amazing Biryani (we tried veg & egg). The way its cooked & packed with amazing flavours & aroma, reminds me of the Royal Lucknowi BIryani. Raita served with those was equally amazing in taste. The clay pot cooking makes sure, non of the flavours escape.
I would recommend it to any biryani lover on this earth & would love to order some more for myself again & again :)

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