Our Home baked brownies and walnut fudge are our hot selling items. The most gooey and fudgy brownies you would have ever had. In our range of brownies we have the traditional walnut brownies, salted caramel brownies, marsh mallow brownies, nutella brownies and for the health conscious we have 100% eggless whole wheat brownies. Our melt in the mouth walnut fudge will leave you craving for more after every bite. Added to this we have a range of freshly baked home breads be it whole wheat, multi grain , sweet or savoury. from cinnamon rolls to multi grain focaccia to veg and non veg calazones you name it and we make it. The goodies don't stop here we have the most chocolicious range of chocolates too ranging from roasted almond to soft centred to truffles and our signature liquer filled chocolates the list is unending.
And yes the sweet experience carries on further with our delectable range of desserts - Jar desserts, cheesecakes, mousses all to tantalise your taste buds.

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Walnut fudge (1/2 kg) - Cake-Eggless
Our melt in the mouth walnut fudge will leave you craving for more with every bite, loaded with walnuts and of course dark chocolate its the perfect blend for your sweet cravings

Apple tarts (4 pieces) - Cake-Eggless
Home baked crusty tarts filled with the perfect apple crumble loaded with cinnamon ! at rs 100 per piece they are the perfect choice . bite size tarts available for rs 40 per piece , minimum order 12 pieces.

Gulab jamun cheesecake (1 kg) - Cake-Eggless
The best from our fusion range of desserts. desi meets videshi. when in doubt whether you want to indulge in a mithai or dessert, why not have both (we help you eat your cake and have it too ;) )
this classic dessert has your very own gulab jamuns layered in smooth cream cheese, set over a crust of biscuits ! a must try for fusion lovers . ( smaller portions also available subject to minimum order of 3 )

Cheese cakes (1 kg) - Cake-Eggless
Our range of creamy cheese cakes include fruity ones like blueberry, strawberry fresh mango ( seasonal) and for our die hard choco fans we have oreo nutella cheesecake, ferraro rocher and layered chocolate .
can we see someone drooling ;)

Choco lava cake (3 pieces) - Cake-Eggless
Yet another chocoliscious dessert for all the chocolate lovers . dig into our choco lava cake, the perfect very rich , chocolatey , ooey gooey lava cake, they 're the ultimate decadent dessert

Whole wheat carrot cake (250 gms) - Cake-Egg
Ever imagined your tea time cake could be coupled with oodles of health.... yes that's what our carrot cake is all about. made 100% whole wheat and loaded with carrots with a whiff of cinnamon this cake is incredibly moist and nobody will believe it’s whole grain! your perfect guilt free tea time indulgence ! a perfect treat anytime especially during winters.

Coffee walnut cake (250 gma) - Cake-Egg
For all the coffee lovers out there, this cake is loaded with walnuts and has and the rich aroma of coffee this tender, moist cake is bound to add zing to your cuppa !

Date and walnut cake (250 gms) - Cake-Egg
Combined with the richness of dates and loaded with walnuts , rich, tender and moist its the perfect choice for date lovers.

Banana chocolate chip cake (250 gms) - Cake-Egg
Packed with melty chocolate chips in every bite. but not too much chocolate to overpower the banana, along brown sugar, and cinnamon flavors. you’ll taste it all, you’ll love it all. thats our banana chocolate chip cake for you

Cheesy pull apart loaf (1 loaf) - Veg
When it comes to breads nothing can beat the freshness and quality of home baked breads. we offer a range of fillings in our cheesy pull apart breads - basil pesto, pizza, mint, schezwan you name it and we bake it to perfection and of course there's oodles of cheese addded to your favourite choice of filling. it is a big flower shaped loaf

Masala danish rolls (6 pieces) - Veg
Freshly baked rolls filled with cheese, mint, spring onions need we say more .... ( rs 50 per piece

Chicken calzone (6 pieces) - Chicken
Bite into this super soft calzone filled with chunks of chicken with just the right seasonings , perfect as a snack or a mini meal ! rs 100 per piece

Paneer calzone (6 pieces) - Veg
For all our vegetarian clients this variant has a succulent paneer tikka filling in the perfectly baked calzone rs 80 per piece

Focaccia bread (1 loaf) - Veg
Focaccia stuffed with bell peppers, onions, olives and sun dried tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil ... can we see you drool ? ( multi grain options available for the health conscious )

Cinnamon rolls / nutella rolls (6 pieces) - Veg
For all the cinnamon lovers these rolls are a must try ! freshly baked warm bread filled with the goodness of butter, cinnamon and brown sugar . and for the nutella fans , yes we do have a nutella filled variant too. have it by itself with your cuppa, serve with a dollop of fresh cream as a dessert , its perfect just anytime !! ( rs 50 per piece) .

Roasted almond chocolates (1/2 kg) - Veg
Excellence roasted almond
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a harmony of smooth dark, velvety chocolate and whole roasted almond . the nutty earthiness of the almonds enhances the roasted character of the cocoa, while the crunchy texture is a welcome surprise when paired with fine, dark chocolate.

Mint truffles (1/2 kg) - Veg
These mint chocolate truffles have a soft, creamy filling and are coated in decadent chocolate! what are you waiting for? try some today!

Liqueur truffles (1/2 Kg) - Veg
Sweet mouthfuls of rich chocolate truffle and cream fired up with liqueur. surprise your loved one with each bite of these velvety, rich, and exquisitely decadent, chocolates

Liqueur filled chocolates (1/2 kg) - Veg
Gourmet milk chocolate bottles are filled with luscious liqueurs from the finest makers in the world, including, malibu rum, baileys , remy martin, orange contreau and many more

Pindi chole (1/2 kg) - Veg
Pindi chole is a classic dish from the punjabi repertoire, which is flavoured with a large assortment of spice powders and onion rings which lend an irresistible flavour and aroma to it. team it up with our home baked kulchas and voila - your dinner table is transformed to an authentic punjabi dhaba !!

Home baked stuffed kulchas (4) - Veg
Add a variety of our stuffed kulchas to your pindi chole and you'll be transported to amritsar the land of all things divine ( good food being one of them ) ! we offer freshly made paneer/ alu / onion / cheese kulchas soft and succulent baked to perfection


Makhani daal (1/2 kg) - Veg
When it comes from a punjabi household the makhani daal can never go wrong. this daal is cooked for hours to get the flavours right and of course with generous amounts cream and butter added to it is rich , creamy and delicious !

Whole wheat brownies (9 pcs) - Cake-Eggless
For all the health conscious folks out there - baked brings to you its whole- wheat brownies( 100% eggless) to help you satisfy those sweet cravings guilt free. come indulge in the healthier options of walnut or nutella brownies. affordable health food at rs 60 per piece. minimum order quantity 6 pieces

Walnut brownies (3 pcs) - Cake-Egg
The most fudgy and gooey brownies you would have ever tasted . the traditional walnut brownie tastes best when warmed and had with or without vanilla ice cream ( rs 50 per piece )

Marshmallow brownies (9 pcs) - Cake-Eggless
Marshmallows, brownies and chocolate chips - the perfect combo for the most sinful experience for all the chocolate lovers. ( rs 60 per piece)

Reviews for this meal


Apr 12 2017

I ordered paneer calzone from chef Ajinder and it was very soft and yummy. As a starter its a good option. I would recommemd that, one should try atleast once.


Mar 30 2017

We ordered Chole, Dal Makhani and Kulchas for lunch. The food was AMAZING! It was cooked to perfection with the right amount of spices and not oily at all. I loved the kulchas the most, the bread was so soft that it melts in your mouth! Thank you Ajinder for this amazing food, will definitely try the brownies and cinnamon rolls the next time we order!


Mar 17 2017

I have ordered food from her several times. Must say that she is an excellent cook!! What I like most about her food is that it is fresh and has that home made feel and delicacy. Her cookies, calzones, chocolates and cakes are amazing!! I loved her Indian dishes too! I would highly recommend her!!! The food is delicious, well presented and delivered on time!


Mar 09 2017

I ordered walnut Brownies from Ajinder Marwah from Baked and they were by far the best brownies I've had so far. The perfect texture crusty outside and most important with the right amount of sugar. A must have for all Brownie lovers . My entire family loved it and the whole box was wiped out in 5 mins. I highly recommend her. I consistently had a great experience ordering desserts from Baked.


Feb 10 2017

I ordered kulcha and pindi chole from Ajinder. The best kulcha I've ever had. Soft, with just the right amount of filling. The chole was cooked to perfection and the flavour was very authentic. I thought I was eating a meal straight from Amritsar. Must try for every punjabi food lover!


Jan 20 2017

On my last trip to India I had this intense craving for something in dark chocolate so I ordered walnut brownies from Ajinder. The brownies were so amazing. Just the perfect bake, crusty from the top and gooey and fudgy inside, with the right amount of sugar ( not too sweet ) and loaded with walnuts. I loved them so much that I've placed an order for 200 pieces to be shipped to me all the way to New York to be given as party favours to my friends for my Baby Shower. Thank you so much Ajinder me and my yet to be born little one are already fans of your brownies !!!


Jan 20 2017

Ordered walnut fudge and extra walnut brownie from Ajinder and it was the best cheat meal i took this year we relished the fudge and brownies they were the perfectly gooey and the dark chocolate with the generous amount of walnut added to the taste Loved it will definately keep ordering was loved by my 3 year old as well its her new tiffin friend now Thanks Ajinder


Jan 19 2017

Tried her Cinnamon Rolls and man, was I mighty impressed. The bread was very well done, the crust was tender and the texture nice and delicate. Came in a cute package too! Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and will surely be coming back for more! Highly recommend this chef, especially for all the dessert lovers out there.


Jan 15 2017

Awesome food from Ajinders Kitchen! I mean Magic room!!!!!! Superb food!


Jan 13 2017

We were excited to have received authentic Punjabi meal. Dal Makhani was too good, Sarson ka saag and makkeki roti were very tasty. Butter chicken was awesome. The portions were nice. The parcel came in at right time. The meal was cooked with homely love. Thanks Ajinder a lot. MealTango team is doing a great job. We get to know such wonderful home-chefs.


Jan 13 2017

the food was very tasty & the quantity was plentiful....& the food was delivered hot !


Jan 09 2017

I ordered eggless plum cake it was very soft and delicious with rich dry fruit . It was a best Christmas cake as I wanted Thanks Ajinder


Dec 28 2016

Best home baker I came across. Very tasty plum cake prepared by Ajinder on Christmas. Best thing was it was customised according to my need as I wanted the plum cake without wine . 10 on 10 on taste of the product. Very easy payment method (Paytm) and timely delivery of my order ...


Dec 24 2016

Awesome gulab jamun cheese cake...Superb taste n total value for money. Great combition of both traditional sweet n a modern dessert.A must must try for every one.


Dec 21 2016

The fusion of gulab jamun cheese cake got me curious and i thought it would be interesting to serve it to my Indian guests from London and Hong kong. Needless to say, they loved the concept and the cheesecake. Good job ajinder. The focasia was too good too. Thank you so much

Recommendations for Ajinder


Dec 06 2016

The walnut brownies were very delicious. It was difficult to stop after eating one.
The walnut fudge was finger licking.


Dec 06 2016

Dunk your teeth into the decadent, luscious & gooey chocolate brownies, close your eyes to relish the heavenly goodness and wait until you're transported to a world of bliss....Baked's chocolate brownies are to die for ❤️


Dec 06 2016

Though all the stuff I had from baked is excellent , but their walnut brownies are my personal favourite. They are the perfect blend of ingredients with just the right texture fudgy and gooey . They are by far one of the best brownies I ever had. A must try for all


Nov 24 2016

Brilliant stuff, amazing presentation and yummy mouth watering food describes it all. Absolutely worth it. Must try for sure!


Nov 21 2016

Her desserts, brownies, chocolates & breads are just amazing! Highly recommended for excellent quality & taste that always makes you crave for more!!

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