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Yesterday we had an amazing dinner from Anurima. The prawns' curry was very tasty. The spice level was just right. The quantity and the number of prawns were generous. Rice was of very good quality. And the Sol Kadhi was wonderful. Thanks once again.

I am a self-professed foodie, who “lives to eat”. On my recent visit to India; after 7 years, I had a long list of joints to try to satisfy my food cravings.

I was fortunate enough to sample the ‘Mutton Dum Biryani’ from Anurima’s kitchen, and in hindsight could be summed up a 
We had ordered Kolhapuri chicken curry and tandoori chicken from Chef Anurima, The dinner was great. After long time we had nice tandoori chicken. The chicken curry was awesome. The delivery was on time. The packing was excellent. We are certainly looking forward to having other dishes too from Anur 
Can Describe the food Anurima makes in One Line ....... Food to Die For !!!!
You keep craving for more !!!!
The Flavour , the Taste ... all just perfect !!!!!
Love your pastas and tex mex food! The creaminess of the sauces and authentic taste is commendable. Even the tex mex is as good as some of the fine Mexican restaurants here in California USA. Fantastic tasty experience for the senses!
Anurima is beyond fabulous cook. She is very conscious about using fresh ingredients be it meat or veggies. All her spices are home made and ground for the perfect taste. I highly recommend her for all types of food be it Indian or Fusion. My personal favorites are her biryanis and kababs. You can't 
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