Our products are made from fresh ingredients,using traditional family recipes.They taste great with rice dishes.

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Classic white pasta (Serves 1) - Veg-Exotic
Pasta in delicious white sauce with assorted vegetables like broccoli, capsicum & baby corn. comes in a 500 ml microwave safe container.

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Garlic bread (2 pcs) - Veg
Grilled, buttered garlic bread.

Cheesy stuffed baked potatoes (6 pcs) - Veg-Exotic
Medium sized potatoes baked with skin and then scooped out some pulp and stuffed with cheese mushrooms & corn and some other vegetables. these special potatoes are a hit with my family & friends.

Ram ladoo (12 pcs) - Veg
Scrumptious and delicious ram ladoo is a popular delhi street food. prepared with yellow lentil served with grated radish & tangy chutneys. best for those who don’t relish dal’s.

Masoor dal ke pakode (12 pcs) - Veg
These delicious balls (with vegetables) are are so tasty & crunchy that everyone wants more of it.best & healthy snack for all.

stuffed spinach balls (6 pcs) - Veg-Paneer
A power packed,full of proteins & iron…. perfect,and healthy take on a great appetizer.crispy spinach ball filled with paneer,cheese & corn.

Baigan bhartha (300ml) - Veg
Roasted baigan prepared in onion, tomato sauce with special spices. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

Amritsari chole (500ml) - Veg
It is one of the popular dish of punjabi cuisine.it is little different from chana masala or pindi chole.it can be served with almost anything as side. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

Upwas plate (Serves 1) - Veg
Saboo dana (sago) khichdi, masala aaloo, plain curd, salad & papad.
other options:
vrat rice (bhagar), masala aaloo,plain curd, salad & papad. or
2 poories made of shinghare ka aata & potatoes served with rassa wale aaloo, curd &salad.
please confirm with me, once your order is placed.

Kadhi pakoda (500ml) - Veg
Punjabi kadi pakora ..kadi is a creamy preparation of curd & besan with whole garam masala's in a particular proportion.once cooked we add delicious pakora's & add onion n garlic tarka .in north india people relished it with rice. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

Malai paneer matar (500ml) - Veg
Delicious paneer & matar in creamy tomatoes gravy. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

dal makhani (500ml) - Veg
A popular indian punjabi dish,also known as maa ki dal.the secret of this spicy lentil preparation is the number of hours one cooks it.. with lots of butter & cream is filled with calories and is a special treat. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

Punjabi rajma masala (500ml) - Veg
Rajma cooked in spicy onion tomato masala till the beans are soft & flavourful. an all time favourite in punjabi household. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

Butter chicken (500ml) - Chicken
Boneless chicken (6 to 8 pieces) in creamy, buttery, tomato gravy. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

Dal tadka (500ml) - Veg
Mixed dal ( moong, masoor & urad) with ghee tadka of onion, tomatoes & green chillies with garam masala. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

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Jeera rice (750ml) - Veg
Jeera rice is basically rice flavoured with cumin and lightly spiced with whole garam masalas. it go along with dals & curries. easily serves 1 - 2 people.

Wheat based parathas (2 pcs) - Veg
Wheat based layered parathas....slightly salted. made with ghee.

Multigrain healthy parathas (2 pcs) - Veg
Multi grain layered healthy parathas....slightly salted. made with ghee.

Dry fruit saffron phirni (250 ml) - Veg
Thick dry fruits phirni, an aromatic dish, very popular and delicious north indian dessert made with grounded rice, dry fruits, saffron & milk. 250 ml easily serves 2 people

Healthy chocolate crunchy crispies (10 pcs) - Veg
Melted chocolate rolled in crispy nuts & flakes. comes in a round shape. stays fine in refrigerator for a month.

Reviews for this meal


May 23 2017

food ....was missing the earlier experience....wrt to the taste


May 16 2017

Upwas plate was tasty & yummy.... the potato chips needs to go back to the earlier taste & form


May 13 2017

yummm... food... consistently tasty... kadi pakoda & the roti parathas....


Apr 15 2017

Upwas Plate was veri delicious... the potato chips very very different & crunchy ( more qty next time would be wow)


Apr 13 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed Alka's baigan bhartha as well as the pakora kadhi with sliced nimbu and raw onion. They were delicious They were thick, creamy, looked sooo appetizing and more than adequate in quantity.. We had them with fresh, hot boiled white rice which added to the taste. The whole green chilies were very tempting. The two dishes were not only mouth watering but made our dinner extra special. Thank you.


Apr 01 2017

Veri tastefully enriched food. Enjoyed the kadhi pakoda. ???? Yummmmm

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