Our Dishes are freshly prepared authentic South Indian dishes which are very rare to find in a restaurant near you.
You can try a few and i am sure you will definitely come back for more....

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Aappam & kadala (brown chana) curry (Serves 1) - Veg
Appam is a type of pancake common in south indian state of kerala made with fermented rice batter and coconut water. kadala curry in kerala is an amazingly spicy dish made with desi channa or kala chana or dark variety of kabuli chana or also known as kadala in south india which is mixed with aromatic indian spices,

Puttu & kadala curry (2 pcs) - Veg
Traditionally puttu (steamed rice balls) tastes exceptionally best when served along with kadala curry and this combination is a very popular breakfast dish all over the state of kerala. 

Side Dish
Neyyappam (8 pcs) - Veg
A dish made with rice flour and mashed banana, neyyappam, a sweet delicacy from south india, it is prepared from mixing flour with jaggery and spices. the fine spices tease the flour and when cooked in hot ghee, the neyyappam becomes a fine reddish brown, which can then be had along with tea or coffee.

Elai adai (2 pcs) - Veg
Elai adai is a steamed delicacy, very popular in kerala. elai refers to plantain leaf and ada refers to the steamed flat rice cake filled with a mixture of grated coconut sweetened with jaggery and flavored with cardamom.

Pradhaman (payasam) (450 ml) - Veg
A delicious pradhaman - kadala paruppu (channa dal) pradhaman, a combination of jaggery and coconut milk. i always say are a match made it heaven, yet another traditional dessert from god's own country!!!

Ven pongal (serves 1) - Veg
Ven pongal is a rice lentil dish. it is a comfort food and light on stomach.

Puliyodharai rice (serves 1) - Veg
Puliyodharai/ puliyogare or tamarind rice is a tangy-spicy south indian rice variety, which is known for its long shelf life and great travel food.

Sambhar rice (serves 1) - Veg
Sambhar rice also called as sambhar sadam is one of the everyday foods from tamil cuisine

Rasam rice (Serves 1) - Veg
Rasam rice is sour, spicy and is warming to the palette. its best to have rasam in chilly winters. rasam can be had plain like a soup as an appitizer or can be served with steamed rice.

Curd rice (Serves 1) - Veg
Curd rice is more eaten by the south indian as a part of meal. it makes a great summer food as well.

Tomato rice (serves 1) - Veg
Plain steamed rice cooked with tangy - spicy mixture of sauteed tomato, onion, coriander leaves and indian spices.

Nei payasam (450 gms) - Veg
Nei payasam is a mouthwatering payasam made with jaggery, ghee and rice.

Add on
Jawas chutney (200gm) - Veg
Jawas chutney is made up of flax or jawas seeds which is very good source of omega 3 fatty acids and very healthy. this chutney goes as a side dish in your regular meal.

Milagai podi (200gm) - Veg
You can find milagai podi (chutney powder) in almost every house in tn as it is traditional and best dish for idli / dosa. it is a blend of roasted spices and lentils that is full of fresh flavors and aroma.

Paruppu podi (200gm) - Veg
Paruppu podi is a blend of roasted spices and lentils that is full of fresh flavors and aroma. serve the paruppu podi along with hot steamed rice and ghee or sesame oil, or add it to any vegetable curry.

Pulikachal (100gm) - Veg
Traditional and authentic pulikachal mix / puliyodharai is a thick paste made of tamarind, dal and other spices. this is one of the popular ready mix in south india

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Apr 20 2017

One word to say about divya akka food preparation is very tasty and lip smashing. Her receipies are very rich and fully home made...I was enjoyed lot of her dishes...mainly i recommended iyer sambar rice(added ghee) and puttu caddala curry which is purely Kerala based you have ever eaten the taste like that....


Apr 19 2017

Hi All, Dhivya is an awesome cook . I am not saying this because her dishes are awesome but because the taste will linger around your brain wanting you to try it again and again . My favorite is appam and kadalakari try that first .. . All the recepie s are authentic south Indian . .I can vouch for that and those who miss home food. . her food will bring back those nostalgic Sunday mornings I experienced in my childhood. A home away from experience. .


Apr 19 2017

Being a foodie myself, I must admit that I have always been biased towards non-vegetarian food, however this thought process completely went for a toss when I got to taste Dhivya's special treat! Those light and fluffy appams and delicious sambhar rice, accompanied by the perfectly sweet payasam totally made my day! I am happy that you have brought it out here for others to have that same mouth watering experience. Must try everyone!!

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