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 2016-12-24 13:59:12




A big Hi to all my viewers. In todays world we all are moving at such a high speed everybody seems to be in a rat race that knowlingly or unknowlingly we end up compromising on our health by depending on packed foods, frozen foods, burgers or pizzas - which are the kids and teenagers favourite. All thanks to the advertisments and media - We adults also at times give up into it.

          I strongly believe inorder to achieve a healthy heart and good health we have to get back to real, simple, good, clean food. So, again there is NOTHING BETTER THAN HOME COOKED FOOD.

          How did my journey begin?

          What sparkled me with this passion?

 It all started with my love to explore the market be it for FOOD, BEAUTY OR FASHION. It is aknown fact that natural herbs, home cooked food and my kitchen beauty products always have an edge over super market ones. Firstly they are easily accesible and amplicably reachable. 

       In age of history all over the world women have constantly searched for ways to remain young, sensual, beautiful and i have seen infact, we all must have seen in our older and present generations. Therefore i believe in regional and traditional being practices - i.e. back to basics which again directs me to my roots.

                              A WOMEN HAS IT ALL - 

A gentle, firm, loving heart and the best solutions to all the problems for her near dear and loved ones.

            My kids and my grand kids call be their food doctor. If anyone on a diet I have a plan. Kids not gaining weight or fussy eaters I have a secret weight gaining receipes or the right finger food they would love to munch on. My kids want to have a party I show them how to dress up my cooked food. You name the food problem I have the solution for you.

            My Passion for Fusion Food has come to stay here now and will keep growing with your love and affection. 

I pay complete gratitude to the men of my family -  Father, Sons and Husband for being the pillar of my strength.


 - Anju Bajaj

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