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 2016-12-30 23:54:20

 A big hi to all my beautiful souls. What a lovely fortnight its been. I feel rocked and totally motivated I am totally on my way to the most favourable season of the year. As the temperature drops I would love to bake grill, roast, steam, stir fry and have some nice n warm savoury n deserts dishes

By nature I am an optimistic person but also believe that excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer. I don’t believe in being the best but believe in being better than what I was yesterday. NEVER LET GO THE URGE TO LEARN AND MAKE SURE IT NEVER DIES. Be a very curious student who is striving to learn something new.

In todays blogspot I would like to share with you a kind of healthy and nutritional celebration. Todays busy lifestyle all are running short of time.No time to enjoy your fruits its all because the food system we have created is all messed up. Though its not our fault but the biscuits, chips, energy bars, dried fruits all have preservatives and the super market are loaded with them. We’ve forgotten our grand and great grand mom’s never had energy bars. Till today I have never had one but I am still energetic and healthy and always fit and fine to work for long hours. Therefore it is totally within our power to turn things around to shift the wave of good health for our family.We are wise and strong enough and love our family sincerely but at the same time we are tired, stretched and loaded with soo much fancy work and making others happy and living an artificial life. Be careful all my lovely souls if you are ready to start taking action of first yourself then your family’s health I am here to help you and guide you sincerely for a wonderful healthiest reality.

A most popular meal in every household in India I call it a complete mealpack. Bengali’s call if Khicduri, Pongal in Tamil, Khicdri in Gujarat, Kedgree, in English. I take this receipe back to the roots with a flare and a wonderful mélange of flavourful spices and fresh vegetables.



1 tbspn of cracked wheat – Washed and soaked for an hour

1 tbspn of rice / brown rice – Washed and soaked for an hour

1 tbspn pulses of your choice – Washed and soaked for an hour

1 tbspn diced vegetable of your choice. Carrot, beans, sprouts

1 tbspn green leafy vegetables – Washed, cleaned and chopped.

1 small onion diced

1 tomato diced

1 tspn of chopped nuts – Soaked for an hour

1 tspn ginger, garlic, green chilles diced

Salt to taste

Pinch of turmeric

½ tspn home made garam masala

Seasoning 1 tspn desi ghee, 1 tspn cumin seeds, ½ tspn pepper powder.


Combine all the ingredients except seasoning and pressure cook for one whistle and keep it on low flame for 5-8 mins.  Let the pressure cool and open on its own.

Heat ghee add cumin seeds and pepper powder. Let it sizzle for few minutes and pour over the prepared, complete meal.

Garnish with coriander leaves and have it with a bowl of fresh curd.

Have it twice a week and if you stretch it one more day it will work wonders for you.

 So all my beautiful souls are you all joining me for this inspiring adventure of creating healthy change in lifestyle. I am sure we all would love to keep ourselves healthy, fit and have that beautiful smile on.

Thanks to all of you for being there with me.



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