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What’s in for Pune’s Best Chef?

MealTango launched a city-wide talent search competition to find out the Best Chef in Pune. And looks like we hit all the right chords! We are more than excited that the Pune’s Best Chef contest is getting so much attention!

Thank you everyone for the love, participation and share! The number of shares and views are rising each day!!


To make this journey more exciting, we would like you to know what’s in for grabs!

As we all know, the cherry on the cake is not just the title of being called ‘Pune’s Best Chef’, it is being felicitated by Celebrity Chef and Masterchef Australia Guest Judge, Christine Manfield at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba.



That’s not all, other prizes that are up for grabs are -

Special Stahl Kitchenware for the Winner!

Gift Hampers from FoodThink!

That’s not all! We literally love all of you! So, the big announcement is that -

  • Winners get gift hampers worth ₹ 1000 from Weikfield!

  • Our 1st & 2nd Runner ups get gift hampers worth ₹ 500 from Weikfield!

  • First 100 participants get gift hampers worth ₹ 200 from Weikfield!

The competition needs no display of cooking. Register on and share your entry with people who have tried your food to vote for you. By the end of the contest, the Chef with the maximum number of votes, Wins! Voila! Voting ends 11:59pm. Saturday 11th February, 2017!


So without much further ado, if you think you have the potential of being identified for your culinary expertise, the registration is free, and the contest is up and running. Visit for more details.


Interested in knowing more about us and other events in Pune? Click Here! MealTango wants to shout out to Pune365 for being our Media Sponsors!!


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Valentine jitters? Not any more!

With Valentines around the corner, the pressure is all on you to plan the Perfect Valentine! It surely can get stressful!  We completely understand this and would want to help you plan a ‘Zara Hatke’ unique and a memorable Valentine experience!

With MealTango and our Chefs, you can skip the crowded restaurants and enjoy a perfect meal at home with your near & dear ones. A simple, romantic & unforgettable time is what we guarantee and this comes along only with Fantastic Food!

Here are 5 Brilliant Ideas to make your Valentines, the best one so far, (and hey, without any extra efforts). Sounds fun? Read on….

1. Set the Theme -
You just have to decide what you want to set the Mood as? A hearty Gnocchi in Alfredo-Pesto Sauce or some Desi Chinese to lick em off the container?

Set the Theme! Choose from a variety at MealTango

2. Set the Table -
Once you have decided what you want to be devouring for the night, order few Dessert Jars (either strawberry, tiramisu, oreo nutella or chocolate flavoured). Lay the jars on the table, light a few candles and get out your crockery!

Home Chef Ajinder Marwahs Dessert Jars!

3. Place an Order-
Log on to MealTango and order from a range of variety of dishes to complement your theme! Lasagne with garlic bread, Butter Chicken, Pot Rice, Pizza or Calzone Muffins, Prawn Pulav & Fish pakoda, Baked Vegetables or just some delicious Stuffed Chicken Parmesan, we have it all listed!

pasta and spinach buns

A hearty Italian treat by our Home Chef Anju Bajaj

4. Wait! You forgot something! -
All is well that ends well, right? So why did you not select any desserts from our menu? We’ve got a smooth Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Chocolate pots de Creme, Couer A la Creme, Mousse with mirror glaze, strawberry pavlova, or just the classic Chocolate Truffle to choose from! You have to really make it special, right? :)

5. The Last step -
You have been a great planner so far! Now the last few things -
- Do not tell anyone and keep it a secret!
- Dim the lights and click a picture of the table once you set it!
- Enjoy the heart-warming meal!
- Send us a picture too! :)
- You’re a winner because you have this Valentine’s memory etched for a Lifetime! <3

valentine web cover.jpg

Celebrate the Month of Love!

Got some more ideas? Share with us at

Till then,
Happy Valentine’s & may cupid be with us forever!

Love is in the Air!

“Love is in the air everywhere I look around
Love is in the air every sight and every sound
And I don’t know if I’m being foolish
Don’t know if I’m being wise
But it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when I look in your eyes”

Have you ever felt special because of Someone? Always wanted to Thank Someone for being there in your Life? Well, MealTango is stirring up a perfect plan for the Month of Love!

Between all your hectic schedules, days of never-ending deadlines and bundles of pending work, you can still make your loved ones feel special! All you have to do is trust our Home Chefs and they will add the right amount of love to any dish that they prepare to make Your Valentine’s Special!

I think you all should get an extra brownie point for guessing the theme of our Next Month Special! Our Menu is going to be up real soon. But just in case, you have a special request, you know whom to contact!

Meanwhile, our Chef Ajinder has a special message for you,
“You’ve got your sweetheart and we’ve got ours too, to help you impress yours! Heart shaped Chocolates in a wide range from liquor truffles to paan filling we’ve got them all! Soft orange jelly, coffee caramel, mint, etc.  just give us the flavor of your choice and we’ll wrap it up in Chocolate for you and your loved ones! Assorted packs from 6 pieces to 24 pieces beautifully embellished and packed! We have a box for every budget!” You can order the chocolates here.

BTW, this is just one of the offerings that is up for grabs! Imagine the widespread that you get to choose from! In short, DO NOT HESITATE, WE REPEAT, DO NOT HESITATE, and send in your special requests and we will have it beautifully planned for you! :)


So, How do you plan to spend your Valentine? Share with us and let us know while we sit back and enjoy this sweet special Gulab Jamun Cheesecake! :)

ajinder gulab jamun cheesecake.JPG

Until Then!

With ,
Yours Truly!

Fasting with Love…. Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a very popular and most awaited festival of Northern India. A festival celebrated by the Hindu married women, who fast for the longevity and safety of their husbands.


Preparations for this festival start a day earlier. Women look forward for this festival. They fast from early morning till moonrise without even drinking a drop of water. They usually eat food before sunrise and the food is usually vermicilli kheer, puri and aloo. Women folk then adorn themselves with shringar and other traditional adornments and wait for the moon to rise. They see the moon through a sieve and then look at their husband, then break their fast by drinking water.


The entire family then sits together for a grand feast….

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Karwa chaut goes on to show that staying away from food too, can lead to quite a romantic experience!

Penne for your thoughts…..National Pasta Day


Life is not worth living if I cannot eat pasta and bread again

                                                                                         - Monica Seles

We are talking about the world famous and one of the most favourites from kids to adults, PASTA!!!

Pasta is the national dish of Italy and it has also been named as the Queen of the Mediterranean Diet.  It is the staple and traditional food of Italy, with its first reference dated in the year 1154 in Sicily.


Did you know?? there are almost 600 varieties of pasta around the world and they are broadly classified as dried and fresh.

Fresh Pasta is called as Pasta Fresca and has a very delicate texture to it. It also cooks faster.

Dried Pasta is called as Pasta Secca and it has a firm texture and takes a longer time to cook.


Pasta is basically made from Durum Wheat and this helps in it holding its shape and staying firm while getting cooked. There are even colored pastas available and these are done with carrots to give them an orange colour, squid ink for black colour and spinach for green colour.

Here are some fun facts about Pasta….



Italy, U.S.A and Brazil are the three top producers of Pasta around the world.

An average Italian consumes 26 kgs of pasta annualy!!!

25th October is celebrated as the World Pasta Day

The shape of the pasta determines the pairing sauce (are pairing it right???)

A common belief is that Marco Polo brought Pasta from China in the 13th Century (We thought it was Italian!!!)

It is also believed that pasta existed in the 4th Century B.C!!!

There are three basic preparation styles:

Baked, Soup preparation and Sauce based (which one is your favorite??)

Did you know that Spagetti Bolognese, Macaroni and Cheese and Lasagna are the three most popular pasta dishes in the world?? So which one are you going to try next????

MealTango is very happy to celebrate the famous and favourite food around the world and make it part of our menu today.

As our motto goes, the food is not only great but also fresh and is free of preservatives and colouring. The food is tasted and tested by pro tasters to maintain the authenticity of the dish.

What are you waiting for!!!! Andare Avanti e Ordine!!!! ooops!!! Go ahead and order here!!!


Team MealTango

Bakr Id – Celebration of Sheer Khorma & Biryani’s

Eid al – Adha (festival of sacrifice) also known as “Greater Eid” is the second most important festivals for Muslims all around the world.

The Islamic Festival honours the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his own son Ishmael, as an act of submission to God’s order. Abraham had shown that his love for God superseded all others: that he would lay down his own life or the lives of those dearest to him in submission to God’s command. Muslims commemorate this ultimate act of sacrifice every year during Eid al-Adha.

This festival also marks the end of Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

Celebrations are carried out as families dress up in their finest clothes, offer group prayers in large open grounds and cook wonderful meals that the families sit together and relish.

Home Chefs at MealTango are all geared up to celebrate Eid al – Adha and have a variety of delicacies to offer.


The very word biryani rings a bell in all of us!! Aren’t we all fans of this rich and aromatic rice dish?? The word biryani originates from Persian (meaning – rice). It is a very popular main dish of South Asia. It is rice cooked with spices, meat or vegetables.

MealTango has roped in few Muslim Families to make the best and authentic biryanis for the occasion.

Sheer Korma/ Khorma:

This dessert literally means “milk with dates”. It is a festival vermicelli pudding prepared during Eid al – Fitr & Eid al – Adha. It is a traditional Muslim breakfast and a dessert for celebrations.

It is served typically after Eid Prayer and is offered to all the guests who take part in celebrations.

Vermicilli roasted in clarified butter and then cooked in whole milk, topped with rich delectable dates, chironji, cashews, badam, pista & raisins!!! Isn’t that slurpilicious???

MealTango is all excited to offer this rich dessert to its customers on this occasion to double up celebrations.

As our motto goes, we offer home cooked foods that are devoid of preservatives and any additives. The food is cooked fresh each day and is verified by meal tasters, food consultants.

So what are you waiting for??? Join us on this festival of sharing…

Until next time with more celebrations….