What is an Akhad Party or Gatari Amavasya?


The akhad party or the feast on the last day of the month of Ashadh, also known as the ‘gatari amavasya’; is when one binges on alcohol and eats meat to their hearts content- the reason, so that you do not have the urge to eat the forbidden foods during Shravan. Shravan is the Hindu month of fasting and religious importance, during this time, people abstain from non-vegetarian foods and alcohol or eat only one meal a day. But there is a big party that happens right before Shravan begins. The akhad party feasting is taken so seriously that the moonless night (Amavasya) is known as ‘gatari’ cause of the belief that people eat and drink to the extent of falling in the gutters in alcohol induced oblivion! Beat that!

Punekars being the party loving folks that they are, since a few years a new trend has been observed where people have begun their akhad parties a couple of weekends in advance. What better excuse to party till the wee hours of the night than that?! The busy lives that we lead, leaves us with little time to slave over the stove cooking kolhapuri mutton curry, malvani kombdi wada, chicken/mutton biryanis, kebabs, tikkas and other meat delicacies. Zoom in to home-chefs and small party caterers who know what a traditional akhad party feast is and can cater to your party food needs while you too can enjoy the binge drinking and eating in the comfort of your home. This year, Gatari Amavasya is on the 23rd of July, Sunday. But the akhad party season has already begun and the rains are bringing their best to help you create the perfect party mood.

What are you waiting for? Ping your friends and plan a party now! The food bit, leave it to the experts!

Meal Tango presents a special menu for your Akhad Party! Just call us a couple of days in advance and we will have you set up for a hassle free party where you can focus on having fun and we will manage the party food. Here’s some of the specials menu-

  1. Kombdi vade (serves 2) – Rs. 499

Kombdi Vade is a very popular dish from the Malvan region of coastal Maharashtra. Literally translated it means puri and chicken curry. But once you taste these super tasty multigrain puris or vade with the typical malvani chicken curry, there will be no going back! If you want to have a unique traditional menu for your party, then Chef Pankaja’s kombdi vade is your best bet.

  1. Exotic Mutton meal (serves 1) – Rs. 500

Are you a hard core non-vegetarian who prefers mutton over chicken? Then this exotic mutton meal by Chef Anurima is just for you. Mutton seekh kebabs, Adraki mutton Chops, mutton korma curry, aromatic rice pilaf (pulao) and 2 phulkas – what more would one want? Order this and get that bottle of whiskey out, coz you sure are going to have a fantastic party!

  1. Nagpuri Saoji Gavran Chicken combo (serves 2)- Rs. 900

You might have tried and loved Kolhapuri chicken and Malvani Chicken curries, but have you ever tried the ‘thaskebaaz’ fiery Nagpuri Saoji Chicken curry? Here’s your chance; it could not get any better as we offer you a gavran (desi/free range) chicken curry, nagpuri style. They say you haven’t tasted real Maharashtrian hot and spicy food till you have tried Nagpuri cuisine. Why wait? Order away!

There’s more- also on the menu are chicken kebabs, chicken curry, biryanis, mutton kheema, mutton pulao, mutton kebabs, Mughlai chicken biryani and much more. For more details and to order, login to Akhad Menu on Meal tango.

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