Know Your Chefs in Zone 4-> Baner, Balewadi, Pashan

Heyy, do you know whose the MealTango chef in your area? Let’s explore zone 4- Baner, Balewadi, Pashan!

Chef Shalini Malhotra, Light Palate, Park Street, Wakad , Pune

Chef Shalini is a passionate Premium Chef at MealTango. She is a techie by profession and because of her work commitments has traveled across the world. Coming from a family of foodies, her passion has always been food and during all the travels has sampled the local cuisines around the world. She loves eating salads and soups but cannot eat food that tastes bland. This drives her to research and reinvent healthy and tasty soups , salads and sandwiches. This led to the birth of Light Palate ; a homegrown venture in Wakad, where our Home Chef Shalini cooks healthy and flavorful soups , salads and sandwiches.

Chef Anurima Athalye, Aromas,Bavdhan, Pune

Home Chef Anurima is a Passionate Foodie and is very creative with food. A curious and keen observer, she has learnt the Art of making Culinary Magic from her Granny and Mom. She loves Fusion food and that’s what she’s expert at. Make At Home has always been her policy and likes giving dishes her own Midas touch by using fresh home ground spices and condiments. Reading cook-books is her favorite past time and Julia Child is her inspiration. She likes recipes of both International and Home chefs alike. With a staunch belief that knowledge enhances when shared she is actively involved in teaching the art of cooking to family and friends.Aromas at Bavdhan is her new venture in the Culinary world.

Chef Menka Agarwal, The Snack House,Dasra chowk, Pune

She is a pure vegetarian Chef. She loves to cook delicious authentic veg dishes like Litti Chokha and veg eggless mousse like Thandai Mousse. She makes great Desi Food like Shaahi Paneer and Bedmi Chhole. Cocktail Samosa makes a great snack for parties.Chef Menka loves to experiment with vegan food. Her food is a sumptuous treat for vegetarians! The Snack House at Dasra Chowk is where all this magic happens!

Chef Shruti Kulkarni Satpute, Tongue Ticklers, rose mall,Baner, Pune

Chef Shruti likes kitchen life from her childhood. As days passed, she always had dream of being a chef. She thinks chefs are trained professionals who put their souls into food to create culinary miracles. After education in the same field (Food Science and Quality Control from, she started career with small orders of birthdays, kitty parties from her family friends. She has knowledge of all basics about cooking, hygiene,quality & quantity. She is from a Maharashtrian family where guests are always welcome and served food with love and affection.Chef Shruti’s specialty is in making Kolhapuri Misal, Panipuri & Pasta.With Meal Tango, Chef Shruti is ready to explore the world with new people to serve with new taste at Bavdhan!

Chef Kalyani  Hemmady, Lavender Crumb, Baner, Pune

Home Chef Kalyani from Baner, is a young chef who loves baking and experimenting with different desserts. Introducing her home-run dessert venture called Lavender Crumb, where she specialises in fresh cheesecakes (baked and cold set) amongst other desserts. All desserts are made using the best quality produce, ensuring fresh, made-to-order desserts every time. So if you love cheesecakes, it’s Home Chef Kalyani’s Lavender Crumb at Bavdhan!

Try something new, try something fresh from your nearby MealTango Home Chefs!

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