Holi – a time for colors, laughter… and food!

Holi…the festival full of colours… full of enthusiasm… and a great time for foodies. Though it is a festival of colours, music,  and drinks, great food just can’t be overlooked. Every state in India has its own signature dish for holi, like in Maharashtra, we find Puran Poli, in Punjab, we have Pindi Channa, and so on. Our chefs at Mealtango are all set for this festival,delivering from 13th to 18th of March.

 Chef Menka’s Holi Specials


Chef Menka is serving the authentic Rajasthani Litti Chokha with Dal and Churma.

Holi Special Litti Chokha with Dal and Churma
Litti Chokha with Dal and Churma

Perfect blend of spices and ghee make this dish finger-licking good.

The authentic Delhi style Bedmi Aloo ki Sabji and Chhole with Sooji ka Halva makes a great main course for Holi.

Bedmi with Sooji ka Halwa
Bedmi with Sooji ka Halwa

What about the dessert?

Thandai Mousse

Yes, Chef Menka is making Thandai Mousse. This is a perfect blend of thandai n dry fruits perfect for this occasion.

See Chef Menka’s Menu and place orders with her.


Chef Rashi‘s Holi ‘hangama’ special meal



Chef Rashi


Veg Basket Chaat (starter)

 Start off your holi meal with a delicious Veg Basket Chaat!

Paneer do pyaja served with naan

Follow it up with a main course containing Veg Paneer Tikka roll, Veg Biryani, salad and papad.

Ghujia with Mawa, Coconut and Dry Fruits filling

Oh, and did we mention the holi special Gujiya to keep your feast last even longer? Yum!

Specials by other chefs

Chef Deepika is serving dishes Mixed Vegetable Korma, fresh vegetables and paneer, slow cooked in rich cashew gravy, the Chettinad Style Pepper Chicken Curry is a treat for chicken lovers. She also has Keralan Style Fish Biryani which is a traditional fish preparation from Thalassery and a must have! D’made Fish Fry is Chef Deepika’s specialty.

Chef Ajinder  has got the traditional Punjabi Pindi Channa with Stuffed Kulchas, flavored with spice powders and onion rings. For dessert, the Chef has given her twist to the traditional Thandai to give a creamy, delectable cheesecake and Thandai flavored choco chip mousse. Her Bailey’s Cake gives competition to the traditional Bhang,a chocolate cake with Bailey frosting and Bailey ganache, a sinful dose of festive calories! Assorted mini cheesecakes with lots of different flavors like Thandai, Oreo Nutella, tiramisu, strawberry, blueberry etc.

Chef Tanya has got her menu all sweet with delicacies such as Color splash! Yummy Vanilla cupcakes, with Rainbow Colored frosting. Just perfect to bring Holi in full swing! Marshmallow Brownies, another sinful dessert to die for! Gooey nutty brownies combined with chewy marshmellows are a truly heavenly combination. Rainbow coloured dessert jar, Butterscotch cake and a mix of colorful mousse frosting are perfect for gifting!

Chef Namrata has three full course meals: Rang Barase which includes Kadhai Paneer, Parathas, Dal Fry, Rice, Dahi Wada and Holi Special Jalebi! Holi Haiiiii, having Sindhi Curry, Rice, Aloo Pakora, Dahi Wada and Jalebi. The Murg Rangeela is a treat for non-veggies:  A homestyle Chicken Curry served with Rice, Mixed Veg, Parathas, Boondi Raita and of course Jalebi!!

Chef Preethi is serving Dahi vada made from Pre soaked  dal fried and topped with yummy beaten yogurt with dash of red and green chutneys and to complete the meal – accompaniments of Holi Special Panagam, a refreshing drink made from jaggery flavored with dry ginger and cardamom with the tanginess of lemon.

Pune, get ready to pamper your taste buds!

Visit: Mealtango.com/holiparty to get your delicious holi dishes delivered to you!

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