Are You Pune’s Best Chef?

MealTango is out to find out who is Pune’s Best Chef.

And maybe it’s you!

MealTango believes that it isn’t only professional chefs who are the best at their trade, and indeed passionate home chefs, home bakers, professional chefs and even cooking enthusiasts, can take part in this contest!

The best part is that it just takes 2 minutes to enrol, and as a winner of the contest you will be felicitated at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba by Australian Celebrity Chef and Masterchef Australia Guest Judge, Christine Manfield.

Oh, and did we mention you will receive gifts worth over Rs. 10,000 from Stahl Cookware, WeikfieldFood Think and more!?

How to Participate

Simply visit the contest page (or click here) and go to the ‘How to Enter’ section.

Upload your photo and details to participate as a contestant.

It literally takes two minutes. For questions, email us at

How to Win

This is a popular vote contest.

Once you have entered, simply click the Share Button (share-button) on your entry and ask anyone who has tried your food, to vote for you (e.g. your friends, family, customers, etc).

You can also share your entry on your Facebook timeline and ask your friends to vote for you.

The chef with the most votes on 11.59pm, Saturday, 11th February, 2017, will be declared the winner.

No cooking required. Security checks are in place so that voters can only vote once. Valid votes verification will be conducted.

Your Prize

As the winner, you will be brought to the Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba on the 13th of February, 2017.

You will be felicitated by Australian Celebrity Chef, Author and Masterchef Australia Guest Judge Christine Manfield. You will receive the certificate of Pune’s Best Chef, and have an opportunity to meet with the judge.

You will also receive prizes from Stahl Cookware and Food Think, among other sponsors.

Runner Up and Consolation Prizes

The First Runner Up (2nd place) and Second Runner Up (3rd place) chefs will also receive certificates of recognition. They can will also have the opportunity to meet and receive the certificates from Chef Christine Manfield. However, travel to the venue would be at their expense.

Contest Rules

For full contest rules, please visit the contest page, and review the section ‘Contest Rules’.

So what are you waiting for! It’s free to enrol, and no purchase is necessary. Click here to participate.


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