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Masterchef India Judge felicitates MealTango Homechef Ravi

Masterchef India Judge Ranveer Brar felicitating Ravi, MealTango’s Homechef in Pune

On Tuesday, MealTango’s chef Ravi was in for a surprise.

We recently started delivery of dinner and corporate snacks. Every week, Ravi has been breaking his own records in terms of customer feedback and demand for meals.

With MealTango, Ravi has also prepared food for one of the city’s top Radio Stations, and alumni of two of the world’s top universities.


And last Tuesday, Ravi was in for a treat: He received his weekly earnings of Rs. 15,400 by none other than Masterchef India Judge – Chef Ranveer Brar!

The Masterchef Judge was impressed that home chefs can follow their passion and earn between Rs. 50,000 to 1,00,000  every month through MealTango, without worry of operations, marketing or delivery.

In addition, heartfelt thanks to our customers who’ve joined us in revolutionizing the food industry with healthy, hygienic, freshly prepared food that’s free of preservatives.

As always, each of our hosts is verified and each dish is tasted by professionals before featuring on the menu.

We welcome home chef referrals from you, who can whip up dishes par excellence. Please forward this post to any fantastic home chefs you know!